What are the terms and conditions associated TEC Approval Certificate

TEC approval Certificate is permit issued by the Department of Telecommunication via Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) to those who seek to import telecom equipment in India. As the products that the certificate deals with are critical in nature, the TEC has put forth several terms and conditions those looking for the certification must keep in mind. 

Through this blog, we have simplified those terms and conditions for TEC approval for you. 

Getting the certificate doesn’t mean you can use it however you want

What is TEC Certification? We can all put big words behind it, but the truth is – it’s nothing more than a permit. Getting it means that your product meets the Essential Requirements of the Telecommunication Engineering Centre. However, when it comes to using the equipment, you have to do so as per the rules of Department of Telecommunication. Funny thing about these rules is that they change from time to time. So keep up.

You’re only allowed to import telecom equipment with the certificate

Getting TEC certification in India only serves one purpose – giving you permission to import telecom products. It’s not a certificate that is required for any endeavour other than this. Keep that in mind when you try to obtain certain business tenders in India involving foreign goods. 

You only obtain TEC certification if you follow certain condition

The major part of the TEC certification process is the testing of the telecommunication equipment. Conducted by MTCTE, these tests confirm that whether your product:

  1. Damages or degrade the performance of other equipment attached to it,
  2. Is safe for the end users,
  3. Exceeds the prescribed radio frequency emissions, and
  4. Complies with the regulations present in the national and international regulatory standards. 

There is only one TEC certificate for one version of the product

Suppose you’ve obtained TEC certification for a fax machine, do you think you can extend that certification for another model of that machine? You can’t. TEC certification only exists for one version of a telecom equipment. If there is another version of it, the TEC first has to test it as well before allowing it entry into the country. 

Change in software shouldn’t impact the change in performance of the product

When you go through process of TEC certification, apply online with the mind that the software is also getting the same approval as the hardware. In case you update the software, and it changes the performance of the product, the TEC would make the approval you have obtained null and void. Simply put, any changes in the software of your product shouldn’t impact the performance of the product in a way that it goes up against the TEC regulations. If it does, your TEC certification will be cancelled. 

Make sure that your product continues to perform as per the TEC regulations

Once you’ve obtained TEC certification and have started to import it in India, make sure that it performs in the same way. If you have made any changes to the product, you have to apply for change in TEC certificate. There is a specific application form for that. It’s called Modification of TEC certification. 

Your product should also meet the security requirements

In addition to meeting the Essential Requirements, to get TEC certification, your product must also adhere to Security Requirements. In case you’ve missed it during the process of TEC certification, your product will again be tested for security requirements. Based on the results, you may or may not retain the TEC approval. 

TEC can inspect your product at any time

Anytime during the validity period of the TEC Certification, the Telecommunication Engineering Centre can appoint officials for a surprise inspection or testing of the product. If they find out that your product has either ignored or failed to follow the regulations in anyway, you can face penalty. 

Wireless telecom equipment should also meet with WPC regulations

If your telecom equipment is wireless in nature, than in addition to TEC regulations, it should also meet the WPC (Wireless Planning Commission) regulations about radio frequencies. 

TEC can cancel your TEC approval at any time

TEC, at any given time, can use the power it has obtained from the government to cancel your TEC certification. While it can only be done for a reason, there is a low chance that you’d be given the reason when your license is cancelled. 

The Condition of TEC renewal

To renew your TEC certification, you must apply for it online with the renewal fee and at least one month before the end of the validity period. 

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These are the terms and conditions for TEC certification India has set up. If you wish to comply to them properly or want to know how to obtain TEC certificate, you can contact us as any given time.

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