How to get AYUSH license registration in Delhi?

Delhi is the cultural, economical, political, and in many cases, medicinal focal point of India. It’s home to every form of enterprise. And at the same time, it’s home to all forms of alternative medicines. Thus, the demand of AYUSH license registration has increased in the national capital. 

To cater to the rising demand for AYUSH license, Delhi is also hosting many AYUSH license consultants. All of them have something to offer. However, only some of them understand the hidden nuances of the business licenses. 

So, when you ask how to get AYUSH license registration in Delhi, it all depends on the sort of consultants that you get assistance from. 

Rooting out the best AYUSH certificate consultants for your needs in Delhi

Delhi is a versatile place to do business in. Thus, you don’t have to choose any particular type of Ayurvedic business to do in this region, you can do them all. However, the tricky part is finding a consultant who can answer your ALL these requirements. Thus, here are the fine points to root out the right AYUSH license consultants for your requirements:

  1. Make sure that these consultants aren’t ready to receive you: There is a lot of information about AYUSH license available online. Any monkey can memorize and regurgitate them to you if it knows that you’re going to be asking those questions. However, when you put your questions when they are not ready, then you find out whether they are legit or not. 
  2. Do some preliminary research on how to obtain the AYUSH license: you’ll be able to get much better assistance when you know what you are looking for. AYUSH license in Delhi or anywhere else in India, is issued so that the applicant can setup an AYUSH manufacturing plant. However, there is misinformation regarding this present online which says that the license is also essential for setting up an AYUSH store. That’s not the case. 

With the above two ways, you can find someone who can assist you in getting AYUSH license in Delhi. 

The process to obtain AYUSH License registration in Delhi

Obviously, the process to obtain the AYUSH license is the same in all parts of India. Thus, whether you reside in Delhi or anywhere else in India, you have to first become eligible to get the license:

  1. You should have at least 155 square ft of area to manufacture and store one ayurvedic medicine. 
  2. You have to get certified in Good Manufacturing Practice aka GMP certification. 
  3. You require two pharmacist and two ayurvedic specialist at your facility. 

Once you have met the above criteria, you can file the offline FORM 24 D to obtain AYUSH license in Delhi


Delhi is a place where the demand of AYUSH medicines is the highest. So, it’s a good idea to setup your AYUSH manufacturing centre here. But don’t attempt to get the AYUSH license on your own. Use the tips that we have mentioned to find the right AYUSH certificate company that can assist you. 

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