What IS BEE certification: A brief Overview

Energy is extremely valuable. It’s perhaps this value that has made people crave more for it. As a result, the amount of energy that we do have is finite. In order to preserve the remaining energy and the electric power that comes out of it, the government introduced Bureau of Energy Efficiency in 2002. 

The goal of this Bureau is to promote the conservation of energy across India. And the mode to achieve this goal is through the star rating. 

So what is BEE Certification? It’s a certification that rates an electrical or electronic appliance based on how much energy it consumes. If it consumes less of it but provides more output, it’s considered efficient – getting the appropriate 4 to five star rating. However, if the product is far from it, then it receives the rating it deserves. Those tend to be 1 to 2 stars. 

So, which one would you choose for your electrical appliance? Let’s dive into a brief overview about BEE certification India and find out all there is to know about it. 

What are the elements of BEE certificate Registration?

There are three elements of BEE registration:

  1. Independent testing of the product. 
  2. Registration of the brand by the Bureau
  3. Rating of the model of that brand by the Bureau

Independent Testing of the product

Before you take your electronic or electrical appliance to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, you need to get its energy rating tested by a BIS accredited independent lab. It accomplishes two tasks:

  1. It provides you an unbiased look into your product. 
  2. It helps you decide whether you need to make changes to your appliance to increase its energy efficiency. 

It’s a step that you should take to increase the chances of getting five star rating for your product. 

Registration of the brand by the Bureau

There are two levels of BEE certification process. Registration of the brand is the first level. It’s here that the bureau decides whether or not your brand follows the rules of energy efficiency. 

Rating of the model of that brand by the Bureau

After the brand gets BEE’s approval, you can move forward and apply for the star rating of the model of that brand. 

How to get BEE certification in India?

The BEE certification process follows the above mentioned three elements:

  1. First, you need to get your product tested by a BIS accredited and independent lab: It’s here you’ll learn about the efficiency of your appliance. 
  2. Put together the essential documents to file BEE brand registration application: Following are those documents:
    1. Trademark certificate
    2. Details of the manufacturing facility
    3. BIS certificate of the electrical appliance
    4. Quality management certificate / ISO certification
    5. Small Scale Industry Certificate
    6. Product samples
  3. Fill the application form online: To obtain certificate, online process is the one you need to follow. Input the details correctly and upload the documents when you’re asked. 
  4. Obtain the Brand certification
  5. Put together the essential documents to get star rating for the electrical appliance: Following are those documents:
    1. A cover letter
    2. Test report from an NABL accredited lab
    3. Declaration letter
    4. Specimen of that model
    5. Agreement
  6. The BEE will conduct its own tests on your product: And if those tests suggests that your appliance is efficient as per the BEE rules, you’ll obtain the star rating. 

There is a pro-tip for you to get certification without any objection, follow the rules of BEE certification requirements to the tee. If you do, the BEE won’t bug you with needless objections. 


BEE certification is now mandatory for several electrical appliances. So, if you want this mandatory certification to give your appliance the right star rating, reach out to our experts. With little professional BEE registration fee, we can make some adjustments so that you can market your electrical appliance using its efficiency-stating-star-rating.

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