The best way to obtain TEC certificate in India

TEC certificate is a mandatory requirement for you in case you’re an importer seeking to import and sell telecom products in India. You have to find a way to satisfy the Telecommunication Engineering Centre about the quality and safety of your products in order to get the license. 

Telecom products are lifeline of India. It’s through them, that India has been able to live its digitization dream a little longer. However, despite the rise of innovation in this sector, we still rely on foreign companies for such products. If you’re one such importer, you should know about TEC certification in India

What is TEC certification? At hindsight, it’s a business permit to bring in foreign telecom equipment and sell in India. However, when you look deeper, you realize this certification is way to test the product to find out whether they are safe for our citizens or pose threat to the national interest. 

Regardless, if you’re an importer of telecom products, you can’t do your business without this license. Thus, you need to know the best way to obtain TEC certificate in India. 

How to get TEC certificate easily?

Here is the first half of the process to obtain TEC certification registration in India:

  • Get the authorization to file the application: As you’re filing the application on behalf of a foreign manufacturer, you need to obtain the authorization letter from that manufacturer first. He does so by drafting an affidavit, naming you the Authorized Indian Representative. 
  • Manage the required documents: Following are the documents that you’re required to gather to apply for TEC certificate in India: 
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Technical literature of the telecom product
    • Free sale certificate
    • Authorization letter
    • Agreement
    • Test report of the telecom equipment
  • Create an online profile on TEC website: After arranging all the required documents, create an online profile. At the time of profile creation, you’ll be asked to upload the authorization letter. Do so and get the credentials
  • File the online application for TEC certificate: After your profile is created, you can file the application of TEC certification. Make sure that you’re filing the correct application. Pay the requisite fee and press submit. 

Now, below is the second half of the process. It’s here you’re required to communicate with the TEC about your certification needs:

  • Take the printout of the filled application and send it along with the hard copies of the documents and the product specimen, to the Telecommunication Engineering Centre. 
  • The TEC will run tests on the product to ensure that your claims regarding the quality and safety of the product are true. 
  • If the process succeeds, you’ll obtain TEC certification. 

How is any of the above step easy? Well, it becomes easy when you realize that you’re not the one who is going to have to take them. You can leave the matter completely on the shoulders of TEC approval consultant. From application filing to appliance testing, from modification of TEC certification to other matters, they provide you holistic support for TEC certification needs. 

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