How Do I Get PMI ACP Certification in India?

How Do I Get PMI ACP Certification in India?

Getting the PMI ACP certification is very much important for the candidates in the long run so that everyone will be on the right track in dealing with things. The PMI ACP certification is known as the agile certified practitioner which is the professional certification provided by the project management institute and will be very much suitable for the project managers, team leaders and the project managers in the long run. After all this, professionals will be able to earn more than their non-certified counterparts and the best part is that it will be very much helpful in terms of developing the agile principles for people so that rapid responsiveness will be significantly made available along with complex problem-solving capacity. This process has very well observed that organisations which are having the proper access to the PMI ACP certification will be able to sustain more in the market in comparison to other available options which very well justifies the high demand for this particular certification.

Getting the PMI ACP certification is a matter of necessity and the following are some of the very basic minimum criteria which people need to possess to undertake and get this particular certification:

  • A secondary degree
  • 21 hours of contract training
  • 12 months of general project management experience

This particular certification is getting very huge value in nations like India because several organisations are perfectly preferring certified candidates who have cleared this particular exam and very well justify the Importance of eLEARNING. The exam will be conducted in four different languages other than English and contains 120 multiple-choice questions along with three hours limit. This particular certification will be valid for a limited period and will be requiring renewal after the undertaking of 30 professional and project development units.

If the individuals are interested to enrol for this particular certification that they need to be very much clear about some of the basic steps which are explained as:

For the PMI ACP certification, people need to complete the 21 hours of training from the authorised training provider and then complete the certification exam while fulfilling the very basic eligibility criteria which have been explained above. This particular process will be perfectly offered by the project management institute and the course content will be covering the broad and wide range of topics associated with agile including the scrum. It will be covering different kinds of areas in the world of agile for example XP, scrum, lean, test-driven development and other associated aspects. 

Following are some of the very basic things which people will be learning in this particular certification system:

  1. With the help of this particular certification, people will become the masters in planning, estimating and implementing the agile techniques in a project
  2. The very basic advantage of this particular certification is that people will become successful in terms of managing the project deadlines
  3. People can learn about the scrum in detail very successfully with the help of the certification
  4. Such people will be perfectly preferred among the crowd because of the certified systems possessed by them
  5. Everybody will be able to get a good yield in terms of good salary packages in comparison to other available options and the best part is the skilled support provided to the people with the help of such certification.

Hence, going for agile certifications is a very good idea on the behalf of people, in this case, to become a better version of themselves very successfully.

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