Obtain TEC approval Certificate in India

TEC approval certificate is a mandatory document for those wanting to import telecom products in India. However, it’s also one that not many people are aware of. Through this blog, you’ll know all about the importance of this license, and the way you can obtain it easily. 

TEC Approval is a permission that Department of Telecommunication gives through its body called Telecommunication Engineering Centre. It’s the permission to import telecommunication product in India. In order to issue this permit, the TEC has to assess the application and the document on several different parameters. What are these parameters? And What are the steps you need to take to obtain this certificate? Let’s discuss. 

On what basis TEC issues TEC approval

What is TEC Certification? Simply put, it’s the authorization to import and sell foreign telecom products in India. And when it comes to doing those for foreign products, the Department of Telecommunication is extra careful. Due to the technical and nuanced nature of these equipment, DOT, using TEC, only issues the license after it is able to verify the following:

  • The product works within the right frequency: If a telecom product is working at a frequency that interferes with other equipment, it can cause issues with wireless communication. Thus, TEC analyses the radio-frequency at which the telecom equipment works before allowing it to be imported in India. 
  • The product is safe for public usage: The raw materials that the product is made up of should adhere to the telecom regulations. If the materials used can’t handle the function, the product is considered unfit for importing in India. 
  • The product doesn’t harm other connected equipment: Telecom products, one connected to other equipment, can either support or break them depending upon how they are made. If the telecom equipment doesn’t harm other products that it’s connected to, Telecommunication Engineering Centre approves it for import. 

What is the TEC Certification process or How to get TEC certificate?

There are only two words needed to define the process of TEC certification: Apply online. The process is as follows:

    • Creation of the profile on TEC portal: Firstly, the applicant – you – have to create an online profile on TEC portal. However, it’s not a simple task. You need to upload your credentials and some essential documents in order for your profile to be approved. 
    • Filing the application form: Once you’ve created your profile, you can file the application form and attach the required documents to it.
      • Certificate of incorporation
      • MOA and AOA
      • Authorization letter authorizing the AIR
      • Technical literature of the equipment
      • Receipt of the online fee
      • Test reports of the equipment 
    • Submission of telecom equipment: Once the application has be filed online, take it’s print out. It, along with documents, and a sample of the telecom equipment, has to be go to TEC. 
  • Telecommunication Engineering Centre will scrutinize the application: TEC will run its own tests on the application and the equipment. 
  • Grant of License: If your pass the test for your equipment and your application and documents are correct, you’ll obtain TEC certificate India

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The process of this certification is hardly as smooth as this article might make it out to be. Thus, reach out to our TEC approval consultant for timely assistance. We will file the application on your behalf and do the leg work necessary to get you the approval quickly. 

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