Why you should get ETA certificate in India?

eta certificate india

ETA certificate is an equipment type approval certificate mandatory for the importers of wireless products. Issued by the Wireless Planning Commission and governed by the Department of Telecommunication, ETA certificate is an legal obligation that not many are aware of.

We are going to change that. Through this blog, you’ll know about the essential details that you need for ETA license for. Our hope is that you’ll realize it’s importance and do the needful to acquire it in due time.

What is ETA certificate in India?

ETA refers to equipment type approval. WPC or Wireless Planning Commission gives approval to wireless products before they can be imported in India. That approval comes in the form of ETA certificate or ETA license.

The wireless planning commission is interested in only checking one aspect of wireless products – their working frequency. In technical terms, it’s the job of WPC to watch over the Frequency Spectrum of the wireless products.

If the products are working under licensed bands, ETA certificate for import is mandatory.

If the products are working under delicensed bands, ETA certification through self-declaration is sufficient.

What is the process to acquire ETA certification in India

The process that you can follow to acquire the WPC ETA certificate is as follows;

  1. First, you need to understand whether or not your product falls under ETA jurisdiction. If it doesn’t, you won’t need ETA approval of any kind. Here is the category of product that enjoy this exemption:
    1. If the wireless product is manufactured in India, the product doesn’t require the authorization.
    2. If the product is working at the frequency spectrum that already has the approval of Wireless planning commission, ETA certification won’t be necessary.

Once you’ve surmised that your product needs to have authorization from WPC, you can follow the rest of the steps.

  1. Get your wireless product tested for its radio frequency
  2. Prepare a file containing the documents essential for acquiring ETA certificate.
  3. File the online application form via the WPC portal
  4. Pay the requisite government fee
  5. Submit the hardcopy of the application to the DOT
  6. Obtain the license once the process is complete.

Why do you need it?

India’s wireless equipment market is the largest in the world. It’s a factor that makes foreign countries aspire to export in India. Consequently, it opens a door to large profits for importers in India. If you’re one of them, you need to obtain ETA certificate. Search for a consultant that can help you because, it’s only through this approval you can trade with those imported wireless products.

Who can help you obtain ETA certificate?

There are ETA certificate consultants whose bread and butter hinges on providing you the services for getting Equipment Type Approval. These services entail the following:

  1. Providing you free consultation to surmise whether you need the license.
  2. Filing your application form for approval or for approval through self declaration.
  3. Assisting you putting together the file containing essential documents.
  4. Doing a follow up with the Department in case more information is needed by them.

So, now you know everything about getting the certificate, why you need it, and how WPC eta consultant can help you.

If you still aren’t satisfied? Call us and let us fill you up more about ETA approval.

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