What are the documents required to obtain ETA certificate in India?

ETA certificate is the authorization import Wireless products in India. The wireless planning commission or the WPC is the body responsible for issuing that authorization. However, in order to obtain it, you need to keep in mind the documents required for the process.

Do you think getting an IEC code – import export code – is enough to import anything in India? For the longest time, I used to think the same way. It’s only after one of our client’s wireless consignment was confiscated at the port that we came to know the significance of ETA Certificate in India.

ETA certificate is a license to import wireless products in India. It’s issued only after the product is tested for the frequency within which it works. If the operating frequency of the product has the capacity to interfere with other equipment, it’s not allowed entry in the country. If not, the product is considered safe for importing. LMPC Certificate for importer license.

To get the ETA certificate for import, one must be aware of the required documents associated with it. In this article, we are going to touch upon the nature of these documents and tell you how you can obtain it.

Documents you need to obtain ETA License in India

The list of documents required is a short one. However, it’s the nature of these documents that makes collecting them quite a difficult endeavour:

  • Radio Frequency Test report as per the EN Standard: Before you can file the application for ETA license, you must know whether or not you even require the license. Simply put, it’s not the product that get approval from the Wireless planning commission, it’s the frequency. Thus, reach out to an independent lab that has the accreditation of NABL. Ask it to run a radio frequency test on your equipment. If the equipment is working in de-licensed bands, you’d only need to file for ETA through self-declaration. In case the product is working at an unlicensed band or a frequency that already has WPC’s stamp of approval, you won’t need to apply for the license.
  • Description of the product: Provide a document detailing the complete description of the wireless product you’re looking to import. None of the details should be missed. From the dimensions of the product to the technical specifications, this document should entail all.
  • Online fee receipt: ETA certification is an online and offline procedure. The application is filed online. However, in order to get your equipment tested by the WPC, you need to submit the documents offline. Among them is the online fee receipt.

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  • A duly filled undertaking: You should, on a stamp paper, draft an undertaking that every detail that you’ve put in the application is correct.
  • Authorization Letter: Draft apower of attorney authorization the ETA certificate consultants – your Authorized Indian Representatives (AIR) – to deal with the certification process on your behalf.
  • Certificate of incorporation of the company: You can’t apply for ETA certification if you’re an individual trader. You need to be an established business entity. Thus, procure a company incorporation certificate by registering your wireless product importing business as a company.
  • PAN card of the company: Present the taxation ID of your company by presenting its PAN card to the Wireless Planning Commission.


No certification can be obtained without the right set of documents. Whether you need help with the above documents, or need assistance with the ETA certification search to see whether your even need the license, reach out to our WPC ETA consultants. We are always staying beside the phone – waiting for your call to arrive.

What are the documents required to obtain ETA certificate in India? In this blog, we have explained the documents you need to initiate the process of ETA certification in India.

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