MADAM, Withouten Many Words – Critical Analysis

MADAM, Withouten Many Words

Poems Summary And Analysis Of ‘Madam, Withouten Many Words’

The song “MADAM, Withouten Many Words” is direct in its message, short and to the point.The lover pleads for a straight answer “Yea” or “Nay”. Being sincere and straightforward he does not like to be kept in suspense. Love is a matter of the heart. It does not require long and deliberate consideration. There is no scope for wait-and-watch’ none for bargaining. He, therefore, makes a straight appeal for a plain yes or no ۔ To his suit, without indulging in lengthy arguments in support of his claim ۔ He demanding any excuses in case of a no from the other side. Poet wants the beloved to be honest to tell him frankly . Whether the attachment between them is to be taken as love or just friendship. On his part, has always taken it as love, and has, therefore, given himself away to her. But her attitude has so far been ambivalent.

The poet is restless in “MADAM, Withouten Many Words “. Poet wants to be sure about the nature of, this relationship, of the feelings of his beloved in this regard. He is worried why she does not commit herself with a categorical answer to his straight questions. Poet does not call it duplicity on her part . He does not accuse her of disloyalty. He does not seem to believe she has got another lover. poet rather seems to think that she would look for another man only after she is disappointed with him.

Final Suggessions…

The Final Verse Suggests That The ‘Yes’ Or ‘No’ Will Not Have Dramatic Implications But Rather Clear And Purposeful Ones. The line, “you shall another man obtain” suggests her present freedom from any other bond. She seems to be undecided as to whether to commit herself . To the present lover or to look for a better man.

The lover calls her evasion of a straight answer her playfulness. The words, “…..leave your bounds”, mean her jokes or tricks. He appeals to her to quit joking and take the matter seriously.

He would like to have yes from her۔ But even no would be less painful than the present state of uncertainty, for then. She would be free to look for another man. The poet would again be master of himself, free to do what he likes. Their present relationship would not break, but change into friendship.

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