They Flee From Me – Critical Analysis

They flee from me

They Flee From Me, That Some Time Did Me Seek

The present poem “They flee from me” is like many other lyrics of Wyatt, fair and frank. It is manly and dignified in tone. Wyatt ways the first English poet to dare for expressing personal views, feelings and emotions in most of his lyrical poetry.Otherwise in an old classical style the lyrics were suppose to express stereotype by sentiment. Wyatt released the poor -lyrical poetry of that off repeated hypocrisy and gave it a new life. The poem under discussion is a sublime and superb example of that nice and glamorous release.

The poet’s beloved used to show her undisturbed love only and only to him . She was like a fast moving deer that got its food at the hands ۔ The poet and moved freely in his apartment. Once she came into the room of the poet with a thin, loose, gorgeous gown which she let fall before him. She clasped him in her arms and kissed him in the most passionate style. The poet was never able to forget that sweet incident . That occurred in his life due to the benevolence of her beloved. But the story became old and the self-same beloved, later on left her once for all. She was never to return. And she forsook him for good. She went away without telling any reason whatsoever of her departure to the poet.

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Hypocrisy is not there ۔ Whatsoever to be found. The words used in the lyric justify the claim of the poet well. In the first stanza, the imagery has totally been taken from the hunting sport. Beloveds are like deer who once stalked “naked foot” in his room and who sought him every now ۔ Because then they were “gentle, tame and meek”. But now those “deer” have grown ‘Wild”. They do not ever remember how they once “put themselves in danger” for getting their God ordained “bread” at the hands of the poet. The very first stanza fully absorbs our attention and we become all ready to find out other details of the happenings.

The poet is forsaken by the beloved in They flee from me۔ The first part of the last line of the lyric is an echoed of the last part of the last line of the second stanza. “How like you this?” is a solid and stony repetition of the line.Just see how the atmosphere or reference changes the very meanings of the simple words like those used in the line under discussion. The atmosphere made the line having the most delicate and sweetest meanings.

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