How to Repair Outlook PST Files

Users who use any kind of email client and backup them know the value of PST file format. It manages the content of the mailbox in itself in a very systematic way. But, with that, it is also vulnerable to corruption. The cause of corruption can be from any of these:

  • Oversize of PST file. PST file should not exceed the 50 GB limit. ( 20GB PST size is recommended.)
  • The sudden closing of the PST file due to electricity cut or any other issue.
  • Virus or malware attacks.

Prevent the above conditions, and consequently, nothing would happen to your PSTs. But, for now, if your PST has corrupted, then, still, don’t be anxious as Shoviv has the Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool, which helps you in the situation of corrupt PST, as well as in deleted item situations. 

Although, there is another method by the name scanPST.exe, which is available for free to deal with the corruption of PSTs. But this method is so much entangled and needs to run again and again until the PST file error becomes zero. ScanPST.exe takes a lot of time and does not repair the deleted items of the PSTs hence not recommended. Now let us look at the procedure to know how to repair Outlook PST files using the Shoviv tool. 

How to Repair Outlook PST Files 

If you repair Outlook PST files using scanPST.exe then it would become messy. But using the Shoviv tool, it becomes so easy that even novice can execute it with perfection. Here steps are given that users need to follow:

  • Tap on Add PST Files from the ribbon bar a wizard will appear.
  • Add unhealthy PST files using add button and consequently press Ok.

(the added unhealthy PST files repairs at this point of time)

  • Click on the Outlook PST icon in the Save All Items Group, a wizard will appear containing the sub-folders.
  • Check-uncheck sub-folders accordingly and proceed with Next.
  • Choose whether to export the items of the repaired PST in the existing PST or export and create new PST files.

(In this wizard, users can also use the split PST option.) 

  • Item filters wizard enables users to use them based on item type and message date. Use them suitably and go ahead with the Next.

(Users can jump to advance options, having email translation and folder mapping kind of options, from the item filters by hitting on the Advance option button)

  • The process starts, and users can see a live report of the export process. Press finish when it completes.

Have you seen the answer to How to repair Outlook PST files is much of ease using the Shoviv tool? Now let us jump to the unparalleled features that it provides.

Unparalleled features of Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool:

Add multiple files: Users are free to add any number of PST files. The Shoviv tool repairs the PST files and recovers the deleted items of the multiple PST without altering its efficiency.

Large PST files: Users do not need to bother if their unhealthy PST is unconvincingly large. The Shoviv tool repairs them like it repairs the other.

Metadata integrity: This tool takes care of every PST that is added to its interface and hence maintains the original structure of PST.

Recovers the hardly deleted items: If users want to recover the hardly deleted items of the PST without its structure being altered then, in that case, also Shoviv performs outstandingly.

Preview PST Files: Users can view their PST files after being added to the Shoviv tool. Everything, from the name of the recipient to the body of the respective PST file’s email, can be seen.

Incremental backup option: This option is given in this tool to prevent duplicity. If users want to backup complete data again then they are required not to check the check-box of Incremental export and vice versa.

Save in multiple formats: Users usually do prefer to save the data in PST. If for some reason they want to save data in other file formats, then that requirement is also fulfilled by Shoviv. It also enables its users to save the repaired PST in EML, RTF, MSG, and HTML file format.

Save attachments: Shoviv tool provides an All attachments option for users to save attachments of the PST files separately. 


After reading the blog, you must be confident in the efficiency of the Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool. You may come to know that the Shoviv tool is the easiest and most effective method to the solution of How to repair Outlook PST files. If your PST file is corrupted and you want to repair them but are in a dubious state about whether to believe in the efficiency of Shoviv or not, just go through its free demo version, which allows you to save and export the first 50 items per folder.

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