Does Office 365 Backup your data? Get Your Query Answered

Does Office 365 Backup Your Data Things You Need to Know

Summary: In this article, we will discuss the user query i.e.  “Does Office 365 backup your data?” and also the reasons that occur in this process to backup Microsoft Office 365 data and how can we deal with it.

As we all know that has that Microsoft has a declaimer for data loss in their services. The data backup service is also limited to situations like natural disasters.

Even their secured data center with policies and eDiscovery options are also unable to deal in case of accidental deletions, ransomware attacks, or outage issues.

Below are Some of the Reasons for using a Professional Tool to Backup Office 365 Data:

  • Accidental deletion: they might clear the OneDrive files by deleting the documents that are old or less important while getting a running out notification. Sometimes they mistakenly delete old emails that contain some important attachment. The data could be deleted forever, unless the user backup office 365 data.
  • Duplication file removal: Sometimes user generates a duplicate file while sharing and unintentionally delete the original version of the file while trying to delete duplicate files. Wouldn’t it seem difficult to replicate the data?
  • Malicious impulsion: Employees may remove data in crucial files; sometimes the damage is discoverable but might be too late to recover the data. Office 365 backup solutions have the monotony of the same file which makes it easier to restore.

Note: Human error is one of the well-known reasons for data loss.

  • Phishing and Ransomware Attacks: We are very familiar with the word ‘ransomware’. There is no need for an introduction required!

It is very important to know from where the attackers gain entry into your organizations. Attackers use a cloned email and send an email with a virus attachment to the employee of the organization, or on a business account.

A single click by employees is all they need to infect the whole organization. After having the access, they would encrypt the crucial file from the computer and instruct you to pay the ransom.

They will wipe out all your data if you don’t pay the ransom at the specified deadline. A phishing attack had taken place only through emails that had claimed to be undelivered.

  • Email Retention: In case if your employee leaves an organization, the admin would like to reuse the license that would be possible only by taking a backup of the Office 365 account.
  • Data Outage: You don’t need to care about data outages if you have the backup of your crucial Office 365 data. It also saves you from an unexpected shut down of service providers.
  • Overwriting Email Data: Office 365 authorizes to work multiple users on the same file. In case if you’re important data is accidentally overwritten by some other user. What will you do? By backing up of your Office 365 data will reduce the risk of overwriting.

Backup Your Office 365 Data using Experts Solution

Now, we have clear the reasons why the user should take a backup of Office 365. Therefore, In this section, we are going to introduce the expert method to backup your sensitive data and i.e. Most Used Office 365 Mailbox Backup Software.

This is the most trusted and widely used tool by O365 admins when it comes to saving PST files from Office 365 user accounts. Moreover, it maintains the folder structure and hierarchy at post backup stage without compromising the speed or performance.

Let’s discuss the step by step working for the same. Here we go!

Step By Step Working for Saving Microsoft Office 365 Data Locally

Step 1. Download, install & launch the software on your computer. Choose Office 365 as the source and Outlook as the destination. 

Step 2. Now from the workload selection mark all the required mailbox items that you want to backup locally. Apply the date filter if you want to save the data selectively. Then click next.

Step 3. Use your Office 365 admin account credentials such as admin email & application ID, to log in to the software portal. Then click validate and proceed with the further steps. 

Step 4. In this step define the destination location and path on your computer to save the resultant backup PST file.

Step 5. Now create a user group mapping between the source and the destination user accounts and in order to accomplish this task, you can use any of these three options such as Fetch users, Import users, and Download template.  

Step 6. Then select the required user’s account and Hit the Start backup button to backup Office 365 data.

In Short

As we all know the importance of organizational data, as it is the key for any business. And in this article, we have successfully discussed the various reasons and needs to backup O365 data locally.

However, users always find it difficult to perform this operation without any error. Therefore, we have come up with a reliable & secure way to accomplish this task in the minimum time possible. By using this expert solution you can easily backup your Office 365 data and reduce all the risks mentioned above in the article.

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