How to Restore Deleted Mailbox Office 365?

Restore Deleted Mailbox Office 365

Different scenarios lead users to delete their data either intentionally or unintentionally. However, as a user, you can restore deleted mailbox Office 365 data within the Microsoft retention policy. It can be of 30 days or more depending upon one situation to another. There are two types of deletion which is one soft and second one is permanent deletion.

Users can recover their data within the retention period; otherwise, no other way will be left. This blog will inform you of some free and professional software to recover the Office 365 data. Before that, we will also guide you on why it is important to back up Office 365.

What happens after data deletion, and why taking Office 365 backup is important?

Once users delete their data, it goes into the deleted inbox folder. The data will stay for approximately till the Microsoft retention policy expires. After crossing the 30-day, data retention period in Office 365, it becomes impossible to recover the data. If a user could have Backup Microsoft 365 emails, restoring the data in case of requirement could be easier.

If any finds a problem in taking the backup of their Office 365 account data, it is advisable to take the help of the IT expert or utilize third-party software.

Now, we will elaborate on how to restore Office 365 in the case of soft and hard deletion.

How to Recover Softly Deleted Office 365 Mailbox?

Whenever the Office 365 mailboxes get deleted, it does not mean that data is gone permanently. Once the user deletes any mailbox, then it moves into a recoverable folder in Office 365. However, it is possible to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365 in case of soft deletion. Users can recover the deleted mailboxes with a time limit of 15, or we can increase the data retention up to 30 days.

There are procedures to recover deleted mailbox Office 365, but make sure to assign the admin permission to a user or the Office 365 admin before the procedure; otherwise, the steps to recover the deleted mailboxes will not work.

Some quick steps to recover softly deleted user Office 365 mailboxes:

  • Open the Microsoft 365 page and log in with the Admin credentials. After that, navigate the menu and select deleted users under the user’s section.
  • You will see a list of deleted users from the deleted user group page. You can restore users available in the list by using the restore user button.
  • Before restoring the deleted mailboxes, you must ensure that you have a product license. After selecting the desired option, click on the restore button.
  • After completing the process, you will get a confirmation and an option shares them via email. To end the restore process, click on Send email & close.

Recovering the soft deleted mailboxes is still easier, but when the data retention period gets over, it isn’t easy to restore data. So we recommend users to take exchange online backup as prevention is better than cure. However, we will explain a trick to recover the hardly deleted data with the Microsoft 365 Admin center user.

Procedure to recover hardly deleted Microsoft 365 mailboxes

Once the mailboxes go into a hardly deleted stage from the soft-deleted, then the user cannot initiate the recovery process. It is only the service administrator who can start the recovery process but only after getting the privilege. However, if the deleted mailboxes are purged, it is possible for the administrator to recover them.

Office 365 admin can raise their query with Microsoft, but generally, it is impossible to restore deleted mailbox Office 365 when it is in the hardly deleted stage. It is better to restore the data within the recovery timeframe, which is 30 days.

Note: – It is better to backup Microsoft 365 emails to avoid the risk of losing crucial data.

Better ways to restore user-deleted data into Office 365

To restore the data, you need first to have a copy of the Office 365 data then only you can restore them. If you need a solution for taking Exchange Online backup, you can consider a third-party such as Shoviv Office 365 backup tool. It is one of the fewer solutions which is tried & tested in many complex situations.

The software comes with easy to understand interface and includes most user-centric features. One of the best parts of this tool is that users can schedule the backup task in a few time frames, such as daily, weekly, and monthly. Users can only back up selective data by applying the filter option to remove the undesired data.

It gives multiple file-saving options to save Office 365 data like PST, MBOX, MSG, and many more. The software incremental backup facility also ensures that if any interruption comes while taking a backup, it will resume without including the duplicate data.

This way, users can avoid the problems to restore deleted mailbox Office 365 in some simple steps. Moreover, the tool also comes in a demo version which users can test to know more about its efficiencies.

Wrapping Up

It is clear that there is only one way to recover user data if the data retention period gets over. However, when the data is in the soft deletion stage, there are ways to restore deleted mailbox Office 365. Still, once the Microsoft retention period, which is 30 days, finishes, it becomes impossible to recover data. So we suggest users regularly back up their data to eliminate such requirements. You can use the manual backup solution, or the software explained in this write-up.