Splitting Your Sides

Splitting Your Sides

Split Your Sides Watching Some Hilarious Comedy Movie

At some time in life, you must have split your sides watching some hilarious comedy movie. Must have entered into a guffaw hearing a joke. Even if you’re all withdrawn to yourself, if not a hearty laugh or a grin. Your face must have shown some faint sign of a simper. Those who pose to be always serious clutching every moment. The cloak of gravity and sobriety take humor as an undesirable flippant act. Their so-called sense of gravity treats sense of humor as a second-grade citizen in the country of intellect. They are perhaps unaware of the fact that Einstein gave all credit of his brilliant mind to his child-like sense of humor.

A language teacher asked his students, “What’s the difference between accident and misfortune?”
One of the students answered, “Sir, we are aware, you don’t know swimming. If you slip into a pond, it will be an accident.”
The teacher said, “Good. But it’s half the answer, what about misfortune?”
The student answered, “Sir if someone rescues you, it will be a misfortune.”
The class laughed, the student was spanked and all of us can appreciate the shock of the teacher.

Laughter And Comedy

This was a joke. An important element in all this business of humor and laughter and comedy. Jokes, if understood, amuse almost all of us. You can’t hold your laughter back at some jokes. If you’re going through a humorous story of P. G. Wodehouse either it is effortless bragging of Ukridge or the funny situations of rather simple Wooster rescued by the wise Jeeves. If your sense of humor has not entered into the land of dead souls, off and on you will laugh by yourself.

But here a paradox takes a clear entry. If someone is not amused or fails to laugh at a joke, despite having all the merits of humor that may not be a joke for him. Jokes are rather relative. It is said, a slow-witted laugh three times at the same joke. First, he laughs without understanding as everyone else is laughing. The second time he laughs when he slowly reaches to the humor. And the third time? He laughs, what a great fool he was! A joke is in fact a tool of amusement, of producing laughter but what is funny to Tom, may not be funny to Dick, and why to talk of Harry.
Not that philosophers and psychologists have shown apathy to this interesting subject.

The Sense Of Humor Is Not Something New

The sense of humor is not something new. I believe, of course without some empirical evidence that some 200,000 years ago, the first Homo sapiens must have cracked some joke with his sign language and body language and the other Homo sapiens must have laughed. Aristotle, Plato, Hobbes, and the other wises have dug the subject and come to the conclusion that you feel amused when you feel superior, Freud felt the forbidden are hilarious and some like Kant, Schopenhauer, the philosophers, and Henny Youngman, the comedian came to the conclusion there is always incongruity behind humor.

So with the interest and verdict of an array of experts of different fields all over the centuries, a serious eye has been thrown over the funny. We find so many bundles of research papers and different types of theory on humor, jokes, and their relevance. Well, the dark sides of humor have also been detected yet now the medical evidence shows how humor is so essential for your health and others have taken it as a tool to enhance your popularity and influence in society.
So let’s be a little funny also, crack jokes and drop the mask of sham seriousness chanting Oscar Wilde, “Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow. (written by Sanjay Kumar Kundan)

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