Early Fashion Designers

Early Fashion Designers

Early Fashion Designers (Writer: Zainab Khan)

The history of fashion is the history of human civilization. Today’s fashion industry has evolved from the modern fashion that the modern designers of the last century laid the foundation for. Even in the old days, clothes were made keeping in mind the preferences of men and women. They laid the foundation for new fashions and brands. These are the creations of the people who have given a new height to the world of fashion.

We know the names of the world’s biggest and most famous designers today. We know the names of the companies but can we tell who invented them? Today, let us introduce you to some of the fashion designers of the early days of branding.

1) Paul Pirate (1879-1944)

Paul Pirate was a Persian boy from Paris who was a twentieth-century fashion hero. Paris was buzzing, but as time went on it failed to adapt to the demands of modern times and it’s company collapsed.

2) Jane Lennon (1867-1946)

The Jane Lennon company started with a small shop that has become a millionaire today. It has surpassed all the competing companies of its time. A long-running fashion house built which still exists today.

3) Madeliene Wynt (1876-1975)

Madeliene Wynt completely changed the traditional dress and old style. She established an empire of comfort clothing. In her heyday, Wynt had 26 showrooms and employed a thousand staff. The first condition for a designer in the company was complete confidentiality of the new design and privacy as a designer

4) Gabrielle “Coco” (1883-1973)

Gabrielle “Coco” channel fashion designer Dwayne founded the most famous fashion trend. He is known as the creator of black dresses. Had turned into a fashion trend.

5) Elsa Sheparili (1890-1973)

She was a very popular fashion designer whose clothes were very beautiful and elegant. She made unique clothes. Elsa Sheparili rose to prominence in the right-wing circles of Paris, leading her to Hollywood, where she took fashion to a new world.

6) Cristabel Balenciaga (1895-1972)

Crystabel Balenciaga not only made fashionable but also everything from shoes to jewelry. His company gained immense popularity and became one of the largest businesses in the world.

7) Christian Dior (1905-1957)

Christian Dior is the one who invented the new look. It took Christian Dior four decades to create and present a fashion show, but when this fashion show came out, he entered the world of fashion. They planted the flags of victory.

8) Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008)

It is recognized as the foundation of the modern fashion. He was initially called the fashion designer of the future. Due to his new idea and modernism, had to indure a long struggle, but then a great and long success was achieved.

9) Pierre Balmain (1913-1982)

When we talk about Pierre Balmain, we see fashion as a money-making industry, and he designed for the upper-class clothing to the lower class which anyone could easily buy.

10) Nina Ricci (1883-1970)

Started her own company at the insistence of his businessman son. She created a high fashion for the upper-middle class. Lenin and Chanel wore the clothes she made and Chanel delivered to third place .

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