What is Sufism?

What is Sufism? Sufism in Islam Fictionistic.com

What is Sufism?
Writer: Zufeshan Iqbal

In every age, in every class, and in every religion, there are people in the world who convey to the world the message of brotherhood, peace, love, and brotherhood. These people are called Sufis. These people seek to lose themselves in their caste and to know its reality. There is a big difference between the meaning of Sufism and that of a Sufi. Some people think that wool is a woolen garment that these aspiring people wear. In this regard, they are called Sufis. Some people say that purity means clean and pure. They are called Sufis.

Origin of Sufi

It is generally believed that Sufism is derived from two Arabic words i.e. ‘Saf’ and ‘Suf. The word ‘Saf means a carpet. Since the Sufis meditated upon God on a carpet, Sufism took its birth i.e. pure people who meditated on a carpet. The word ‘Sufi’ derives its name from another Arabic word ‘Suf which means wool. The Muslim saints who wore garments of coarse wool began to be called Sufi saints.
Today, the world wants peace and brotherhood to end extremism and terrorism. That is why scholars, intellectuals, or social scientists from all over the world are working on Sufism. Sufism is emerging as a movement in the world because according to reason, brotherhood and fraternity is a universal message, it is not someone’s legacy, it is a passion that is the dream of peace seekers all over the world.

According to the Sufi, the Lord of Glory is Merciful, Gracious. His mercy and grace are not accounted for. He is more compassionate with a man than his mother. This loving message of the Sufi gives hope of goodness to every lost person and he is drawn towards it. Keep teaching him peace and brotherhood. A large number of people continued to benefit from them.

Devotion to Sophia

Seeing a large number of people around Sophia, many rulers became enemies of these people and harmed them, but the people’s love and devotion to Sophia never diminished. A group of Sufis consists of people who followed the path of love to reach her.
The Sufis think that love and devotion are the only means of reaching God.
Devotion is more important than Roza or Namaz. Sufism does not believe in the caste system. Sufism emphasizes upon leading a simple life.

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