Top Netflix Shows To Watch With Friends


Are you looking for top shows on Netflix, then you are at the right place. Netflix has all the collections of the latest shows and classic movies. It has a huge library of classic and new shows, which you will not find anywhere else. The collections on Netflix are increasing day by day.

Today, any genre whether it be sci-fi, action, or even fantasy, all collections are available on Netflix. And the Netflix stock is also on the rise, and while you are at it do check the price of cbli stock.

When watching with friends, you have to choose the movies which are funny, full of action, or the story with perfect mind-boggling concepts. To give your friend a boost and to get a fresh start, just click on the reset button through getting into the Netflix world. So, let us dive into the Netflix ocean together and watch the top shows on Netflix.

Blade Runner

If your friend circle is cyberpunk and you all want to enjoy the aesthetic visuals represented by cyber movies, then Blade Runner is the best movie to watch. Though it was released long before, it has still preserved its place in the modern movies list. The storyline of Blade Runner is creative and compelling along with the visually stunning features. The cast of this movie has done an incredible job and delivered top performance.

Squid Game

Whether it is a space movie or any other movie genre, Netflix always brings you a pal-friendly starship adventure show. One such example of an outer way to hell is the Squid Game web show. This web series has developed an undoubted craze among people. The best thing this show has introduced is the childhood games, which were once played by every person in their lifetime. But it becomes more interesting and hellish when the brilliant twist was added to the game, that is death. The crew of this movie has done their job perfectly and thus has gained huge popularity in the entire world. 

Lost In Space

This show has been created by Irwin Allen with a creative and innovative storyline, which attracts every age group of people to watch. Young enthusiastic people will mostly like this best space movie 1992. This web series generates much excitement in the viewers, and with its twists and turns, it keeps its viewers attached till the end. Recently, Netflix was back with its wonderful third season in March 2020. It is generally an American sci-fi show that follows adventurous space colonist families who unknowingly crash into an unknown land.


A different world is defined in this show, where a space marine group travels into Mars for the investigation purpose. This sounds exciting in itself, but the real twist to the story comes when the strange creatures on Mars start attacking their group and they face a huge threat. But awfully, this show was not happily accepted by the people. They say the violence shown in this show was gratuitous and even the lighting was bad. However, after the release of Doom in 2015, its sequel Doom: Annihilation came out in 2019.

The Old Guard

The recently released action and fantasy movie of 2020 came into the limelight of Netflix, because of its amazing time travel concept. The storyline of this movie follows the background life story of each character and describes how they land in certain situations. The covert immortal group of different characters and ages are protecting the mortal world for centuries as warriors.


You can binge-watch all the movies or web shows with your friend, and enjoy your weekend together. Our top collection of Netflix shows will surely keep you all excited and focused on the show. So, this weekend fill your fridge with ice creams, snacks, and a handful of popcorn to begin the exciting dhow sessions.

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