How to get Divorce quickly with mutual divorce in Delhi?

Mutual divorce

While marriage is a very sacred institution in India, there can be many instances. Where two individuals who entered this institution may not feel comfortable enough to continue it. In such a case, the constitution of India grants people the opportunity to file for divorce. 

While filing for a divorce you need to take into consideration that there are two types of Divorce. One filed with the mutual consent of both parties while the other is a divorce without mutual consent. In this case, divorce can be granted when only one party files for it. This is known as consented divorce.

So in our article, we are going to tell you the complete information required for filing a Divorce in Delhi. 

While filing for mutual divorce in Delhi is easy and you can find many divorce lawyers. Who are ready to do the same for you. So, you should not worry too much about the question. How to file for mutual divorce in India because any divorce lawyer will assist you with it. It is a very difficult and complicated procedure. When you want to file for a divorce without the consent of both parties. 

So, without wasting any time let us move forward further and we are going to tell you about the grounds. On which you can file a contested divorce against your partner. 

Grounds on which you can file for a divorce without Mutual consent

It is not very difficult to understand these pointers and you can seek the help of any divorce lawyer in Delhi for the same. He/she will easily help you with the completed procedure. However, first read through this section to know if you can file for a divorce or not.

  • You can file a divorce under the Hindu marriage act if the other party has willingly participated in a sexual relationship with someone else. This is a very genuine ground for divorce.
  • You can also file for a divorce if your partner has been treating you with cruelty after the marriage has been done.
  • If the other party has deserted the divorce filer for a period of two or more years then. You can visit a lawyer and file for a divorce against him/her.
  • The Hindu marriage act has also allowed people to contest for a divorce if the other party has changed into another religion rather than Hinduism after the solemnization of your marriage.
  • The constitution also grants the right to file for a divorce to a person if the other party is mentally ill to such an extent that living with the other person is not possible. 

These are the different grounds along with a few more on which both the husband and the wife can ask for a divorce from their partner. There are various lawyers in Delhi that will help you with the divorce and you can easily do the same in any of the district courts in Delhi. 

Hope you have been satisfied with the information given by us and it has helped you.

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