Challenges faced by the Prospective Brides in Vitiligo Matrimony

Brides in Vitiligo Matrimony

When it comes to finding a bride or groom for Vitiligo Matrimony, youngsters struggle a lot. Although the stigma in our society is reducing, many people aren’t yet interested in marrying someone suffering from vitiligo.

We can only blame various misconceptions and lack of awareness in the society behind this and not ourselves. But yes, it’s a hindrance to your marriage, which is a big concern.

Being a person with vitiligo and searching for the love of your life, a bit of chance is there getting rejected. It’s owing to the white spots on your skin. We know how difficult it is to come to terms with rejection at a young age. It may fill you with a lot of insecurities and lower your confidence as well.

However, there is a popular platform that lifts your confidence and connects you with a suitable match for Vitiligo Matrimony. But first, let’s discuss the challenges that come in the life of a vitiligo bride or groom.


Due to vitiligo, parents searching for a bride or groom for their son or daughter don’t find the right family easily. So, youngsters go through many rejections and eventually end up settling down with someone lesser than their expectations. Also, in some cases, a vitiligo bride is accepted only when a  heavy dowry is paid to the groom’s family. And even after that, it remains doubtful if the groom’s family will not harass her again for money.

In India, around 2% of the people are suffering from vitiligo so we can imagine that how many parents are forced to pay lots of money to ensure the marriage of their daughters.  

You will be saved from all these problems now, thanks to the Dermamatrimony website. On this website, not just the candidate but the parents can also create an account for their son/daughter. Here, you will find numerous profiles of prospective grooms with vitiligo who are looking for a vitiligo bride.

Abusive Family

After marrying their daughter into a good family, parents hope that their daughter will enjoy a happy life. Unfortunately, this is not true for all girls. 

Abusive families still exist today in our society where Brides aren’t treated right by the groom’s family.

In the case of a vitiligo bride, the chances of encountering an abusive family get even more. Not just the in-laws, but the relatives from the bride’s side also disrespect the bride because of vitiligo.

But now, you don’t need to make yourself the part of such a family that follows a toxic culture. DermaMatrimony gives you the opportunity to meet the right partner whose family will shower all the love and respect to you. 

Social Problems

Society can harm your mental health more than anyone else can. Unaware of the hardships that you and your family going through, people’s stares and negative comments will further worsen things for you.

If you are a woman of marriageable age, the neighbors, relatives, and all those ‘well-wishers’ can even come up with proposals of prospective grooms who are no match to you or your family in terms of educational qualification, financial condition, or other important personality traits. For them, vitiligo is the biggest evil in the world!

You can give a befitting reply to all those people by marrying someone of your choice who matches all your expectations as a perfect life partner.

Dermamatrimony, the only online platform for vitiligo matrimony helps you connect with endless profiles of eligible singles. They are having the same skin condition flaws as yours.  You can sort them out on the basis of education, profession, and income. This helps to find the perfect match that will make you and your family happy and proud.


Vitiligo is one of the reasons why some couples get separated after marriage.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune health issue and it can happen to anyone. Still, non-supportive husbands and their families can file for divorce on the ground of vitiligo. It is quite common in countries like India.

Divorce due to Vitiligo after marriage is more traumatic when you have children because not just you but the children also suffer.

If you don’t want to go through all these problems, it’s better to wait for a family who will accept the way you are. The best thing you can do is to marry someone with a similar skin condition so that vitiligo does not remain a negative aspect of your personality anymore. 


Living with vitiligo, you are well aware of the non-harmful nature of it. But, social stigma is the real culprit. So, you have the opportunity to be the positive change by getting married in a dignified manner to someone who can relate to your emotions and your life journey.

When you will rise above the social stigma to get married respectfully, you will become a source of tremendous hope and inspiration for all the prospective brides with vitiligo who are still struggling skin based matrimonial sites DermaMatrimony

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