What to do when you’re an outsider in Malta?


Make sure that you remove your hat while entering someone’s place in Malta.

Be very careful while driving in Malta, as Maltese people drive very fast and that too on the left side of the road.

Do remember that Maltese are often loud while having a conversation. Also, interrupting someone in between is not seen as an insult.

Try to avoid discussing politics when you are in Malta because you might end up hurting someone, as the people of Malta are very passionate about the political parties they support.

Always keep some cash and change in your hand to avoid unfriendly situations while traveling in a taxi or at the beach.

Do not forget to add at least 10% to your bill as a tip. Malta’s economy depends on tourism and hence, tipping is appreciated there.

Do not go near to areas where RTO is written while visiting the countryside in Malta. These places are reserved and outsiders are not allowed to go there.

Never wear revealing clothes while visiting a Church. You should always cover your shoulders otherwise you won’t be allowed to go inside.

Do not walk bare-chested in town, even if you are a man, as this is considered rude in Malta.

Do not ever complain about the loud noises of firecrackers and churches, as it may offend the local people.

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