Types Of Communication That Make You More Attractive To People

types of communication

Effective communication is a must for the successful delivery of messages among people.

However, to effectively communicate, effective communication skill is needed. There are different types of communication we need to know and it depends on the communicators how they choose to deliver their message to their intended receivers. Understanding why some people are perceived as more attractive by others can help us convey our message properly to them.

Although considered to be a simple process, in actuality, communication is more complex as there are many factors to be taken into consideration to ensure that the message is properly delivered to the receiver.

You see, while we may have many means of communication like print, the radio or the television, among others, there can still be many barriers to communication between the sender and the receiver. Moreover, besides the more common communication barriers such as language barriers, channels, etc.,

the receiver’s emotions or cultural or political stance could play an important role in whether the message is successfully delivered to them.

Hence, effective communication skill is imperative to ensure that the message is successfully delivered to the receiver without arousing potential misunderstanding and avoiding conflicts.

Here we are going to explore communication and its types and we can use them and make them more confident and attractive to people. Read More: How to answer advanced-level java interview questions effectively.

Different types of communication

Communication plays a significant role in our lives today. The communication methods are evolving firstly with the help of the internet, then next by texting and then by social networking. In fact, social networking is one of the most used types of communication that we make use of these days. The reason is quite lucid because, via social networking sites, we get connected to a lot of people from around the world, who could be potential friends or job sources in future.

There are four types of communication let’s get started

Verbal communication

Verbal communication is one of the most common methods of communication, and probably the easiest to use. There are so many ways to have verbal communication – face-to-face, via phone, conference or video calls, etc. With so many ways to communicate verbally, they depend on who you are speaking to or with. It’s true that the tone of your voice changes when communicating with another specific person.

Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is the most essential form of communication. Among the 4 types of communication, nonverbal communication is wherein people communicate without words but instead use their body language such as maintaining eye contact and using hand gestures to convey their thoughts and feelings. This passive form of communication also allows one to send a message through the way they dress.

Written communication

Written communication is a technique of effective training on how to train others without even having direct physical contact with them. It is also considered one of the best techniques of communication as it helps to record information in written form for future reference. Textbooks, blogs, newspapers, texts, emails and memos are all different types of written communication used by people everywhere.

Visual Communication

We have all encountered the use of visual communication on various platforms in this digital world. It is easy to convey the original emotion of an image that doesn’t sound too good in words. For example, if you want to share the experience of being on top of a mountain, then you can share a video or photo of yourself standing at the top rather than describing it to someone else verbally. Visual communication has become a unique way to market your online products and services as well as to stand out from your competition.

Tips For Effective Communication

Now that we know what the 4 types of communication are and how important they are in the workplace, let’s focus on how we can improve our communications skills for effective communication. First, we will start off with nonverbal communication next week.

Verbal Communication Tips

When it comes to impressing people, the greatest helplessness lies in not saying the right thing at the right time. Whether you are a manager or working in sales, you should always be aware of your audience and clear on what you’re trying to say. In this article, I’ve added a few verbal communication tips to help you understand body language, know your audience (customer’s point of view) as well as speak clearly and concisely to grab their attention.

Nonverbal Communication Tips

Nonverbal communication is a very important part of the communication process whether it is in writing, with friends and family, or at work. We should listen to what words are being said, as well as understand the tone they are said in.

This article will teach you 5 tips on how to take control of your nonverbal communication skills and show you how to improve them by using tips and tricks from some of the leading communication experts.

Written Communication Tips

Keep It Simple: Always write at a level that is appropriate for your audience. This will allow them to easily understand your content, and be more receptive to what you’re trying to convey. State your goal clearly:

Before you pen (or type) your 1,000 words, you need to answer the question,

“What am I trying to accomplish by writing this post?”

This will serve as your guideline while creating the first draft of content. Proofread: As with everything you do in life, proofread what you have sent.

Ensure that there are no typos or grammatical errors in what you want to relay. This will improve your chances of the person receiving it comprehending your message.

Visual Communication Tips

It has always been at the centre of attention and one of the most effective ways to transmit your thoughts,

ideas or knowledge. Visual communication – a form of representation in which information is presented to viewers through graphic means; it can be used for the description of things, creation of images, or for communicating and interpreting data.

The definition is pretty clear but there are so many people out there struggling

with how to make their visuals more appealing, more creative and just plain better.


Communication is very important in any large organisation.

Teams, departments and the like have to communicate well in order for their performance to be successful.

I’ve broken down the 4 main types of communication along with their importance and tips for effective communication below.

We have now reached the end of this article. Thank you for taking time out to read it. I hope that this article was able to help you in some way,

shape or form achieve your professional and organisational goals. We will leave you here with our best wishes!

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