Natural Urdu Poetry about Mountain – Pahaarh Par Urdu Hindi Shayari

young woman resting in mountain terrain

In the ethereal realm of Urdu poetry, where words cascade like mountain streams, the Pahaarh emerges as a timeless muse, invoking the spirits of both ancient and contemporary poets. The mountains, silent witnesses to the passage of time, find their voice in the eloquence of Urdu Shayari on mountain, where every verse echoes the majesty of peaks and valleys. In the echoes of verses and the whispers of winds, poets like Allama Iqbal have left an indelible mark with their metaphoric prowess. His collection “Bang-e-Dra” stands as a testament to the profound connection between the poet’s soul and the grandeur of mountains.

2 Line Urdu Shayari on Beautiful Mountain

dariyaa ho yaa pahaa.D ho Takraanaa chaahiye
jab tak na saa.ns TuuTe jiye jaanaa chaahiye

mujh ko thakne nahii.n detaa ye zaruurat kaa pahaa.D
mere bachche mujhe buu.Dhaa nahii.n hone dete

din hii pahaa.D hai shab-e-Gam kyaa ho kyaa na ho
ghabraa rahe hai.n aaj sar-e-shaam hii se ham

simaT ke rah ga.e aaKHir pahaa.D se qad bhii
zamii.n se har ko.ii uu.nchaa dikhaa.ii detaa hai

musiibat kaa pahaa.D aaKHir kisii din kaT hii jaa.egaa
mujhe sar maar kar teshe se mar jaanaa nahii.n aataa

Ashaar on Hills (Pahar)

pahaa.D guu.nje.n nadii gaa.e ye zaruurii hai
safar kahii.n kaa ho dil me.n kisii kaa pyaar bhii rakh

kisii pahaa.D kii choTii par cha.Dh kar dekho
aa.nkho.n se ojhal nazzaare kis ke hai.n

machalte paanii me.n uu.nchaa.ii kii talaash fuzuul
pahaa.D par to ko.ii bhii nadii nahii.n jaatii

tumhaare Gam kaa pahaa.D TuuTaa to phir ye jaanaa
pahaa.Do.n par hii to TuuTte hai.n pahaa.D aise

mujhii ko raah badalnii thii so badal Daalii
kahii.n pahaa.D bhii Thokar se haTne vaalaa thaa؟

Urdu Ghazal about Pahaarh

From the golden era to the present, the allure of mountains continues to captivate the hearts of poets. Mirza Ghalib, a maestro of emotions, weaved the beauty of mountains into the fabric of his Ghazals, creating an everlasting resonance. “Deewan-e-Ghalib” resonates with verses that paint the rugged landscapes with the strokes of poetic brilliance. Today, contemporary poets like Faiz Noon Meem Rashid and Akhtar sherani continue this tradition, crafting 2-line Urdu poetry on Pahaar that speaks to the soul. Their works, like Faiz’s “Nuskha-e-Haaye Wafa,” carve new trails of emotion on the ageless face of mountains.

In Urdu poetry, the lover Farhaad is often mentioned who had cut the mountain to create a lake of water in order to get his love, Shereen. Summer pets regret that river to milk. Shereen was daughter of king who was against the romantic affections of Farhaad. Famous Urdu poets used these characters and their folk story in metaphoric and symbolic ways to describe the ongoings I’m their couplets. In classic pretty of Mir Taqi Mir and Momin Khan, we can find numerous sher about Mountain and Farhaad’sb struggles.

Conclusion: Urdu Poetry about Mountain

In the symphony of Urdu poetry about mountains, the Pahaarh pe Hindi Kavita finds its crescendo. Each verse is a dance of words, where poets like Parveen Shakir and Javed Akhtar add new dimensions to the age-old romance between words and peaks. The best Urdu Ghazal on mountains unfolds like a panoramic view, revealing the emotions etched in the very soul of these geological behemoths. As the sun sets behind the rugged silhouettes, and stars adorn the night sky, the mountains become the silent guardians of Urdu Shayari, preserving the essence of every heartfelt couplet for generations to come.