Selected Poetry on Wine / Sharab in Hindi & Urdu

two persons holding glass flutes while drinking

Wine, or “sharab” in Urdu and Hindi, holds a significant and romantic place in classical poetry of the region. In Urdu and Hindi verses, the gift of wine is presented as a metaphor for joy, love, and the sweetness of life.

These poems delve into celestial beauty, emotional struggles, and the quest for self-discovery. On one hand, the association of wine or sharab with pleasure, love, and the sweetness of life is depicted, while on the other, it portrays the pain of love, transience, and the uncertainty of existence. The poets transform it into a cultural and emotional character, turning it into not just a bottle of wine / sharab but also a means to touch countless facets of human life.These wine-themed poems are rich in language, adding vibrancy and depth to their expressions.

Selected Urdu Poetry on Sharab

شراب کے موضوع پر اردو اور ہندی کے بہترین شعراء کی شاعری کا انتخاب لکھا گیا ہے۔ جام، بوتل اور شراب پر اشعار پڑھیں اور دوسروں سے موقع پر شیئر کریں۔

aa.e kuchh abr kuchh sharaab aa.e
is ke aa.e jo azaab aa.e

teraa firaaq jaan-e-jaa.n aish thaa kyaa mire liye
ya.anii tire firaaq me.n KHuub sharaab pii ga.ii

aur jaam TuuTe.nge is sharaab-KHaane me.n
mausamo.n ke aane me.n mausamo.n ke jaane me.n

tire haath se mere ho.nT tak vahii intizaar kii pyaas hai
mire naam kii jo sharaab thii kahii.n raaste me.n chhalak ga.ii

mire ashk bhii hai.n is me.n ye sharaab ubal na jaa.e
miraa jaam chhuune vaale tiraa haath jal na jaa.e

kuchh bhii bachaa na kahne ko har baat ho ga.ii
aa.o kahii.n sharaab piye.n raat ho ga.ii

udaas raat hai ko.ii to KHvaab de jaa.o
mire gilaas me.n tho.Dii sharaab de jaa.o

mai.n us kii aa.nkho.n se chhalkii sharaab piitaa huu.n
Gariib ho ke bhii mah.ngii sharaab piitaa huu.n

kal ham ne bazm-e-yaar me.n kyaa kyaa sharaab pii
sahraa kii tishnagii thii so dariyaa sharaab pii

pa.Dii hai raat ko.ii Gam-shanaas bhii nahii.n hai
sharaab-KHaane me.n aadhaa gilaas bhii nahii.n hai

Conclusion: Sharab in Urdu Life Poetry

The poets use wine or sharab along with gilaas and aish as a medium to present the sweetness and challenges of life with uniqueness. There is a particular enthusiasm and excellence in this theme, turning wine not only into a pretext but also into a vehicle for a emotional journey. Self poetry in Urdu and Poetry for love one in Urdu language have importance for readers of subcontinent. At its peak, it treats our emotions as of poetry for lovers. In this, the act of drinking wine is not just a physical activity; it becomes a symbolic journey through a cultural and emotional ocean, revealed not merely through the sip but also through the carefully crafted words of the poets.