Top 20 Best Restaurants in Lahore that you must try

best restaurants in Lahore

The city of hearts- Lahore, has maintained its prestige with the ongoing traditional and cultural food. Food is a significant factor in this city to make everyone fan of. From mouthwatering desi food to Thai and Chinese restaurants, Lahore has something for everyone. Lahore is a fan of food; their food is so delectable and appealing that your taste buds will explode with deliciousness. You can get some of the best restaurants in Lahore at affordable rates. 

Lahore offers some of the best restaurants in the country, offering international cuisines to hot burgers. There are hundreds of famous places for food lovers. Let’s discuss some of the well-known eateries in Lahore to satisfy your appetite. In the busy city of Lahore, you will get vibrant tastes and will become difficult for you to find best food places in Lahore. DHA, Gulberg and Johar Town in Lahore has best desi restaurants for family and couples. Bahria Town Lahore contain many buffet dinner and ambience restaurants but androon Lahore more cheap restaurants for celebration. By the way, Lake City and Lahore Cantt has date restaurants for lovers as well. Some of them are hi-tea serving while others are fast food Lahori hotels that also serve aftari, sehri and luch meals.

  • The Poet 

The port, located under the shadow of the Minar-E-Pakistan, is in Iqbal Park. It’s a perfect location for tourists in order to dine. Minar-E-Pakistan brings an excellent taste of freedom to this place. The restaurant is named after the poet of all time, Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Badshahi mosque and Lahore fort are located opposite the restaurants. Moreover, port is famous for offering desi cuisine with Mughlai dishes, reminding one of the Mughal eras.

  • Salt n Pepper

Salt n Pepper is one of the most famous family restaurants in Commercial Zone, Liberty Market, Gulberg. The restaurant, because of its unique environment, exceptional cuisine, and low prices that the place is so famous. Salt n Pepper serves with Asian, Pakistani as well as international dishes. Moreover, they also bring a vegetarian-friendly menu making it a favorite place for the visitors. Salt Pepper is specifically famous for serving rich fast food in Lahore.

  • Haveli Restaurant

This restaurant is in the eye of food bloggers due to its aesthetically pleasing views and locations. Haveli is located in the old food street of Lahore, making it a favorite for everyone to take pictures. Along with this, the beautiful multi-colored walls of the restaurant give an old sentimental look. 

It’s fascinating to know that Haveli has caught the eye of millions of people, including photographers, bloggers, tourists, and food lovers. The place lists up at night, changing the entire view of the place. However, the main cuisines served here are Barbecue, Seafood, and Pakistani. Hence, Haveli restaurant serves excellent food along with all its unique features. Its the famous restaurant in Lahore for candle light dinner.

  • The Polo Lounge 

The Polo lounge must be included on your bucket list for a luxurious and remarkable joy with delightful food. Our eating becomes more enchanting with a relaxing interior and a view of extensive polo grounds from the windows. Its known as the best restaurant in Lahore for live music with romantic time dinners.

The polo lounge in Lahore is a terrific place to hang out with friends or family. It would be best to try their grilled chicken steak with mushroom sauce and avocado salad with prawn and kiwi dressing for a yummy experience. Come here and enjoy a variety of foods in an utterly calming environment.

  • Namak

Are you looking for one of the famous restaurants in Lahore to serve an extraordinary taste? Look no further than Namak.  It’s fascinating to know that the eatery is heavenly, offering traditional and sub-continental food. They have a beautiful seating arrangement, lots of pillows, and utmost privacy. The restaurant is famous for serving traditional Afghani cuisine with conventional drinks. It is located all over Lahore on Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Lahore. Consider yourself as blessed while living in Lahore in order to bless your taste buds with the luscious food in all of Pakistan. Hence,Namak is one of the delicious restaurants for family sitting making it special for best restaurants Lahore

  • Pizza Channel 

The pizza channel is another good place to have quality time with your family or friends. The restaurant’s moderately low price is situated in M-Block Park, Model Town. It’s one of the best eateries for pizza lovers. You are the boss as there’re several variants available to choose from. Get the topping with extra cheese, chicken, veggies, and pickles; the pizzas are a classic hero. Hence, it’s also one of the best restaurants for couples in Lahore

Moreover, their deserts are also to die for. So, what are you waiting for? Come to the pizza channel and have quality time with your friends and family. 

  • Mandarin Kitchen 

Get the great devotion of Chinese food from Mandarin Kitchen in Lahore. The restaurant will serve you the real Chinese taste and authentic experience. Enjoy the Thai-pan Asian dishes, and they will make you dive into the food, no matter who’s sitting near you. Moreover, if you want more at less price, don’t miss their hi-tea with beautiful services. Enjoy their extensive menus as the delicious taste will never disappoint you making it the best chinses restaurant in Lahore

  • Arcadian Café 

Are you aspiring to chill in comfortable surroundings? Just grab your friends and head towards Arcadian Café. Their diverse menu allows you to select from a wide range of food fusions. Hence, get the option to go with Italian, Continental, and Asian dishes. 

Besides a wide variety of refreshing desserts and drinks, their Lava cakes are enough to sprinkle supremacy in the food. You’ll love to visit the cafe again and again. Although it’s a café, this eatery offers something for everyone. Enjoy the soothing environment and music to make your eating more special. 

  • Rina

Are you craving delicious dessert? Look no further than Rina, one of the popular eateries in Lahore, to satisfy your sweet craving. Enjoy the best desserts in town, from traditional chocolate eclairs to cheesecakes. It’s fascinating that Rina has significantly made its reputation in sweets, making it a sizzling hot eatery that’ll make you lick your fingers. 

  • Wasabi 

Are you a Sushi lover? If yes, Wasabi knows bitterly how to serve a platter of your favorite Shishi. This Japanese restaurant in Lahore permits the customers to get a variety of Sushi rolls with live teppanyaki cooking. It’s fascinating that Wasabi reflects true Japanese traditional style, offering many other foods and delightful breakfasts. Although, Wasabi is a little bit expensive, after a meal, there’ll be no regret. 

  • Siddique Kabab

For Lahoris, kababs are one of the integral parts of desi cuisines. Sometimes, finding an authentic taste at a better price is challenging. However, Siddique house Lahore gets the attention of people from all over the city for its succulent, juicy, and mouthwatering food. The restaurant is famous for its brilliant food and multiple cuisines such as Barbecue, Middle Eastern, and Pakistani. It offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a neat and clean ambiance to enjoy food. However, the place is always running full, and everyone wants to bite their delicious kababs. 

  • Dampukht, PC Lahore 

Relish an impressive interior with desi-style food fusions. At Dumpukht restaurant in PC Lahore, you’ll find another level of joy. The word Dumpukht means “to breathe and to cook,” and the restaurant knows how to prove it. 

Along with this, their traditional style of making food with spices and flavors is one of the main highlights of the place. Their grill menu is so craving that we surely recommend you try everything from it. Moreover, you can also try the traditional Mughal dishes to amplify your affection towards the flavor intensely.

  • Cock ‘n’ Bull

Are your spice and fire lovers, cock n bull is one of the best restaurants in Lahore where you need to go? We always look for eateries to spend less money on flavorful. Cock ‘n’ Bull is a renowned restaurant famous for its best burgers in Lahore. They serve specialty in fast and middle eastern food at very affordable rates. Located in Liberty Commercial Zone, Gulberg, cock n bull also has suggested reviews on foodpanda Lahore. It would be best if you tried their shawarma and burgers. 

  • Pasta La Vista 

For a unique Italian-style portion of pasta and pizzas, Pasta La Vista has got to be of the top of top places to visit in Lahore. Although it’s a small restaurant, don’t bother because the size offers a scrumptious meal. The place allows you to eat various exotic foods, making it a perfect snack place. Let’s discuss some of Pasta La Vista’s highlights: Gnocchi in white sauce, chicken Pompeii lasagna, Mozzarella Sticks, and Margherita pizza. Furthermore, there’s an extensive menu of mouthwatering foods.

  • The Pantry 

The Pantry is one of the unique places in Lahore that doesn’t offer heavy as well as unhealthy things like others. In order to eat some light and healthy, The Pantry is one of the top restaurants in Lahore and ideal place for you. Enjoy the variety of unique salads you’ll not find everywhere in the city. 

However, you must taste their thin-crust pizzas and cheesecake in terms of excellent snacks. These will surely make your day healthier and lighter with a scrumptious taste. 

  • Gaia Japanese Fusion 

A fine dining restaurant, Gaina is serving contemporary Japanese cuisine along with a modern artistic setup. It’s fascinating that the restaurant is famous for offering authentic flavors with a creative twist that’ll surely delight the customers.

Moreover, Gaia provides an extensive range of menus to choose from, and every dish has its uniqueness. Besides, it’s a dream place for sushi lovers; the number of other dishes will make your lick your fingers. Do not miss to taste their Black Cod; as no one can beat them in its taste. You’ll entirely fall in love with the taste of these restaurants. It’s best for a friend’s hangout.