The Hunt For Dating Partners Ends With The Tinder Clone App

, The Hunt For Dating Partners Ends With The Tinder Clone App

With dating apps becoming more popular, people have become crazy over finding their dating partners. Simply with a mobile app, users can explore dating partners worldwide and strike a conversation with them.

In general, social media apps have curtailed the distance between people through instant messages and video calls. Most importantly, one can communicate with anyone at any time. What more do people need than setting up communication with their loved ones?

So, with this introduction, let us seep into the blog’s core intent on developing a dating app like Tinder. What are the initial requirements you need to gather before starting out a business or developing an app? You need to find the users for your app, right? Let us see the complete requirements for developing an online dating app.

Find the users interested in online dating apps

Through social media networks and search engines, you easily identify those users who are interested in online dating apps. Basically, every business person will conduct online research to find the users. So, you can use this method to find bump into your potential users.

Also, you will need stats to make sure whether online dating apps are preferred by users or not. Here is a glimpse at the stats of online dating apps and their users.

  • Based on the number of users, Tinder is the leading online dating app in the U.S. 
  • Nearly 77% of people in the U.S had dated persons they found through dating apps.
  • The revenue incurred from dating apps accounts for 602 million USD.
  • Of all, there are 44 million people who use online dating apps in the U.S.

Rivalry analysis

Similar to finding out the preferences of users, you need to know about your rivalries too. Examine their applications, the feedback they have received so far, subscription plans, demographic details of their users, and the features available in their app.

Performing a detailed analysis of the rivalries will give you an outline of how to proceed with your services. For example, you can add features that are unavailable in your rivalries’ apps; you can offer free and paid searches, etc., which we will see in detail.

Find the user’s choices and analyzing the rivalries are the first crucial steps to consider. Next, we shall jump into the concept of dating app development and the set of features needed to captivate the users.

Tailor-made Tinder clone app development

Based on the inputs you receive from the user research and competitor analysis, you can custom build your app. As mentioned previously, you can add unique features to your dating app, which will set you apart from other dating apps. You can make all these customizations and launch your dating app in a short time if you invest in the Tinder clone.

Yes, Tinder clone is ready-made software that has the user app and the admin panel. Generally, clone apps can be modified with respect to your requirements. Come, let us see through the most important features in an app like Tinder.

Automatic profile suggestion

The dating app runs an algorithm that finds the general interests of the users based on their interaction with the app. As a result, the app will suggest profiles that may draw the user’s attention. Though this feature will be preferred by some users, most of the users will love to personalize their searches. So, the upcoming features will be about the features that will help users personalize their searches.

Location-based and gender-based searches

None of the users will love to get random profile suggestions, right? So, they need location-based and gender-based searching features. For this, simply they can enter their location/gender, and from then on, they will get a list of profiles based on their preferences.

Love meter

This feature may seem funny, yet this will kindle the interests of users. Let us see how it works. The in-app love meter will take the interests of both the users as inputs and generate a score. This score denotes will be based on the common interests or disinterests among them.

Verification system

Your dating app must be authenticated so that you can collect the trust of your users. In dating apps, profile verification is a must. Generally, in dating apps, fake profiles may revolve around and cheat users. This should never be the case in your dating app. For this, you must do a complete verification of the details and the profile photo of the users.

Security payments

Ensure your users a secured set of payment options. Chances are there where your app can get hacked, leading to the theft of your user’s data. So, incorporate a high level of security system into your app.

Dating suggestions

For example, let us assume that two users have liked each other’s profile and they are willing to meet in person or date. So, it would be great if your app suggests places that will be suitable for dating. It can be a nearby coffee shop, a restaurant, or anything else.

Push notifications

Of course, never miss out on adding the push notifications feature. Any information regarding hot matches, payments, nearby matches, or interests received can be conveyed to the users via instant push alerts.

 Final thoughts

Overall, the revenue from dating apps will come from subscriptions and ads. So, this is a complete guide to help you in investing in dating app development. Good luck!

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