Naseeb / Qismat Pe Urdu Shayari – Hindi Poetry on Luck / Destiny

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In the intricate tapestry of Urdu poetry, the exploration of naseeb (fate) and qismat (destiny) unfolds as a poetic odyssey that navigates the mysterious interplay between circumstance and preordained paths. The 2 line qismat Urdu Poetry delicately caresses the profound questions surrounding fate, offering verses that linger in the corridors of the heart like whispers of an unseen hand guiding our journey. Poets such as Mir Taqi Mir, with his timeless collection “Kulliyat-e-Mir,” delve into the nuanced layers of naseeb Urdu Shayari, crafting verses that echo the sentiments of resignation and acceptance, mingled with the perennial hope for a brighter destiny. Urdu sher on Taqdeer tells us that we have no control on our environment.

Urdu Poetry on Qismat with 2 Line Naseeb Shayari

hame.n to aaj kii shab pau phaTe tak jaagnaa hogaa
yahii qismat hamaarii hai sitaaro tum to so jaa.o

sharmaa ke mu.nh na pher nazar ke savaal par
laatii hai aise mo.D pe qismat kabhii kabhii

ek manzar pe Thaharne nahii.n detii fitrat
umr bhar aa.nkh kii qismat me.n safar lagtaa hai

bevafaa likhte hai.n vo apne qalam se mujh ko
ye vo qismat kaa likhaa hai jo miTaa bhii na sakuu.n

mai.n kisii ke dast-e-talab me.n huu.n to kisii ke harf-e-du.aa me.n huu.n
mai.n nasiib huu.n kisii aur kaa mujhe maa.ngtaa ko.ii aur hai

Best Urdu Poetry on Luck and Fate

vo tire nasiib kii baarishe.n kisii aur chhat pe baras ga.ii.n
dil-e-be-KHabar mirii baat sun use bhuul jaa use bhuul jaa

apne haatho.n kii lakiiro.n me.n sajaa le mujh ko
mai.n huu.n teraa tuu nasiib apnaa banaa le mujh ko

chalte rahte hai.n ki chalnaa hai musaafir kaa nasiib
sochte rahte hai.n kis raahguzar ke ham hai.n

Muqaddar Shayari in Urdu language has vast and deep impact on our emotions. Poets in this field describes how much the motions are automated and we are just actors performing our role in this world. We struggle and we don’t win, we do nothing and then we win. It’s all the destiny and luck which makes everything around us. This is what Urdu poetry describes about destiny, Kismat, muqaddar, takdeer, naseeb and luck.

mai.n phuul huu.n to phuul ko gul-daan ho nasiib
mai.n aag huu.n to aag bujhaa denii chaahiye

jo hai gardisho.n ne gheraa, to nasiib hai vo meraa
mujhe aap se shikaayat kabhii thii na hai na hogii

Conclusion: Urdu Hindi Ghazal about Kismat and Taqdeer

The canvas of Urdu shayari on destiny is adorned with verses that mirror the dance of chance and inevitability. Qismat shayari in Urdu, with its philosophical nuances, finds expression in the works of Allama Iqbal, whose poignant verses in “Bang-e-Dra” explore the intricate relationship between human agency and the divine plan. Alongside, bad luck qoutes in Urdu, embedded in the verses of poets like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, become poignant reflections on the trials of fate. In the symphony of poetic introspection, the exploration of destiny and luck transcends linguistic boundaries, echoing in the poetry qoutes in Hindi about naseeb by luminaries like Kabir and Rahim, inviting readers to contemplate the enigmatic dance between choice and the written script of fate.