Ubereats Clone : A Complete Guide On Launching A Food Delivery App In 2021

Online food delivery has become the new normal after the Covid-19 crisis. Even before the pandemic, food delivery apps were popular, but now it has reached a great peak. People are more cautious about stepping out owing to safety and hygiene factors. Online food deliveries seem to be safer as they come out with safety standards and checks from the restaurants. Technology has adversely changed the way restaurants operate. The streamlining of online deliveries was the first step towards the digital revolution. 

At present, we have more food delivery apps in the market. But the demands are still ongoing. These demands come from both the restaurants and customers. Restaurants find online deliveries to be more convenient for reaching out to customers. The scenario of the food delivery market looks promising for new arrivals. .Food delivery apps like Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato have emerged at great heights in recent days.

Working model of UberEats :

Launched in 2014, UberEats is a pioneer in the food delivery industry with a revenue of about $4.8 billion in the year 2020. It has declared that UberEats is the most popular food delivery app with 66 million users. Since the launch, Ubereats inspires people with its working model. The operations of UberEats are two-dimensional. It acts both as an aggregator and as a delivery agent. 

As an aggregator, UberEats joins hands with restaurants by listing them on the app. It acts as a bridge between the restaurants and customers. The app receives the orders from the users and sends them to the restaurant for preparing the orders.

UberEats partners with the restaurants and delivers the food orders to the customers through its logistics team named the Delivery agents. Few restaurants will provide the charges through their restaurant delivery team itself. In some cases, UberEats takes care of the logistics and delivers the food order directly.

Consider the following steps before launching your UberEAts clone 

Find out areas that have high demands

It is essential to find potential areas for marketing your products—possible regions to identify potential customers. When you decide to offer your services to a place, people from that area should have internet access, smartphones with good income. Otherwise, people do not prefer to reach your app. And it is also essential to find out areas or locations where none of your competitors offer their services. These areas are termed as out of reach from services. This will be a golden opportunity for the entrepreneurs to focus on. You can try to cover these areas in your food delivery app.

Conduct a market study 

Analyze the market and try to predict instances. Through market research, you can know your competitors. Understanding the strategies of your competitors will help you to build a strong base for your business. The next step is to approach the restaurants. Nowadays, more than dine-ins, restaurants vastly prefer an aggregator platform for their sales. So, meet them with a perfect marketing plan and discuss your commissions with them. 

Choose the distinctive features for your app, same like UberEats

The distinctive features of an app make it more popular among people. So, try to incorporate the elements from the UberEats model. Go with separate app panels for users, restaurants, delivery assistants, and admin portals. Some of the cutting edge features of the user app are,

  • User registration
  • Restaurant list
  • Order tracking
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Notifications 
  • Reviews and complaint desk
  • Re-orders.

Develop a user-friendly app

A user-friendly app will be the most preferred apps by the users. The UberEats clone should be developed with proper UX/UI designs, and it should be cross-platform compatible for all the users to access the app. Both Android and iOS users should be able to use the app from their devices. An intuitive app design will enable the users to order their foods without any hindrances.

Develop plans to monetize your UberEats clone

It is essential to work out a plan for earning revenue from your app. Generally, food delivery apps work in the following ways to make their revenue,

  • Commission charges from the restaurants 
  • Delivery charges from the users.
  • In-app promotion
  • Advertisements 

Hire developers

There are two ways to start your app. One is by approaching the developers to develop an UberEats clone app. Building an app is very tedious, and it involves more time and human resources. Developing an app will require a period of 5 to 6 months solidly. 

The other alternative is to purchase a ready-to-launch White label UberEats app from the app developers. There are app development companies specialized in developing cloned apps. These cloned apps are customized and pre-built with distinctive features. Choosing a ready-to-launch UberEats clone will save your time, and you can launch your business in a short time.

Wrap up,

The demand for food delivery apps is prevailing in the market, and the situation indicates that the entrepreneurs will surely get an opportunity to shine in their business. So it’s time for the entrepreneurs to brace themselves to launch their food delivery app like UberEats.

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