Konark Temple: Sculpture And Philosophy Of Body

Konark Temple: Sculpture And Philosophy Of Body
Konark Temple: Sculpture And Philosophy Of Body

Secrets Of Konark Temple

For seemingly forever, everybody thought taking a gander at the remaining parts of the Konark Sun temple that it was one more perfectly made temple, as a chariot with fabulous building components, for example, the intricately cut chariot wheels, dazzling looking ponies and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Yet, it is accepted that one of the numerous privileged insights of this Sun temple became visible just when a spiritualist was figured out ascertaining time utilizing one of the stone wheels of the chariot.

Indeed, you can ascertain time utilizing the cut wheels found in Konark temple, and that too with the accuracy of a moment! Prior to delving into the subtleties of this mystery, let us take a gander at a portion of the compositional subtleties of this temple.

Reasons for naming the Konark Temple

The name Konark comes from two Sanskrit words Kona and Arka which means, point and sun separately. As indicated by an article by Dr. Avantika Lal, this suggests that the fundamental god was the sun god, and the temple was inherent in a precise configuration. I accept perhaps there could be more to this name, which I will address later in this post. According to numerous sacred writings from Hinduism, the Sun God ‘Surya’ is typically portrayed as somebody who rides a fantastic chariot pulled by 7 ponies. That is by and large how the Sun temple in Konark had been developed. Underlying the thirteenth century, the Konark temple is an exemplary illustration of Kalinga-style engineering.

There are seven extravagantly caparisoned, dashing ponies cut out of stone which pulls the amazing chariot with 12 sets of unpredictably cut goliath wheels on the two sides. As indicated by the archeologists, this is only a little piece of the entire temple complex. Researchers who learn about Konark temple accept that the 7 ponies address 7 days in a week and 24 wheels as 24 fortnights or 24 ‘paksha’ in a year. (Hindu schedule utilizes the Sanskrit word “paksha”, which means one portion of a lunar month, which is somewhere in the range of 14 and 15 sunlight-based days.)

So to put it plainly, it is protected to say that Konark Sun temple addresses the progression of time through its engineering

Old Clock At Konark

Utilizing the sun’s shadow to quantify the precise time isn’t at all another innovation. Numerous hundreds of years prior, even before Christ, the Egyptians and Babylonians utilized sundials. Additionally, the world’s biggest sundial otherwise known as a clock which was worked during the mid-eighteenth century can be found in Jaipur, India at Jantar Mantar Jaipur.

So it shouldn’t be an astonishment to realize that the Konark temple worked during the thirteenth century can quantify time. Be that as it may, in contrast to most different sundials, the one at Konark is an upward one, practically like our current divider clocks! Bewildering realities about Konark sun temple don’t end there. There are countless fascinating things taken cover behind its impeccable design. Before we go there, let us perceive how to figure out time utilizing the cut, stone wheels of Konark Sun Temple. Allow us to dive into the subtleties of these astounding time wheels!

Ascertaining Time from Konark Chariot Wheels

Every one of the 24 wheels of Konark temple has 8 significant spokes and 8 minor spokes. Significant spokes are thick, more intricately cut, and a lot more extensive than the meager spokes. For a superior arrangement and simpler clarification, I am connecting a picture of the wheel.

We realize that Sun moves from East to West, yet for the straightforwardness of clarification let us say the sun moves from Right to left regarding this image. So when the sun ascends in the first part of the day, the sun will be on the right side making a shadow at the spot set apart as 06.

As the sun ventures out from east to west and arrives at the top during the early afternoon, the sun projects a shadow at the spot set apart as 12. Before supper, when the sun is going to set, the shadow will be at the spot set apart as 18. Accordingly, the wheel shows time very much like a clock, unexpectedly the lone distinction is that the hour hand goes in the ‘counter clock’ heading!

Precision to the Minute

In case you are believing is it truly a particularly incredible designing accomplishment to show the time utilizing shadows on one side which shows 6 AM while the entirely inverse side shows 6 PM. Indeed, it gets significantly more perplexing than that!

You can see that this wheel is separated into 8 sections utilizing significant spokes which shows the time 3, 6, 9 and so on This implies each part addresses current likeness 3 hours. These 8 sections are again separated into equal parts making a segment of 1.5 hours. On the off chance that you zoom in and look cautiously, you will discover the dabs, one of the numerous better subtleties cut onto the wheels.

There are 30 globules between each major and minor spoke which imply the 1.5 hours(90 minutes) are additionally separated into 30 sections. So each dab addresses 3 minutes. At the point when you look significantly more cautiously, you can see the dabs are not roundabout, but rather somewhat prolonged along the edges. This shape makes 3 areas. Shadow can fall on the focal point of the globules or on either side of it. This sign assists us with partitioning 3 minutes of the dabs further into single minutes! Thus we can compute time precisely to the moment!

Does it actually work?

Being disregarded for a long time and annihilations from intruders and the British, one may ponder, do these sundials show exact time even today. Also, the appropriate response is true, it does! You will discover many local area experts utilizing a pen or a long stick showing how the time is determined.

You need to keep a slim article like a stick at the focal point of the hub of the wheel. The shadow of this slender item will fall on the external edge to demonstrate the time by then. I attempted to reproduce what the aide had shown me by arbitrarily getting a wheel that was less crowded. (Not the specific sundial wheel) I couldn’t/diddodon’t have any desire to contact numerous extremely old mind-boggling carvings. So the shadow framed isn’t actually from the hub of the wheel. So I wasn’t anticipating a precise outcome.

On the off chance that you allude to the ‘clock’ picture I had made before, you will see that the time showed by the shadow of my finger is about 2:15 PM. On the off chance that you take a gander at the appended document data, you can see that the image was taken at 1:45 PM! I can guarantee you that the outcome would have been exceptional if I somehow managed to move over the fence and contact my fingers onto the genuine sundial wheel. However, I wouldn’t have any desire to do that to a UNESCO World Heritage site. So if it’s not too much trouble, hold on for a less precise outcome.

In any case, what happens at Night?

In case you are thinking about what will occur if the wheel is totally covered with shadow while the sun passes from one side to the opposite side, be educated that there are 2 sundials that read a clock precisely which are situated on the east and west side of the temple. In case you are presently pondering, are the other 22 wheels simply some enlivening pieces, the appropriate response is, we don’t actually have a clue.

About a century prior, everybody imagined that every one of the 24 wheels was exquisite structural pieces and that’s it. As indicated by a legend, it was just when somebody tracked down an old spiritualist computing time utilizing the Konark Wheel, the world came to think about the secret mystery of the vestiges of Konark.

From this spiritualist, the world could comprehend the utilization of just 2 wheels. The reason for different wheels actually stays a secret. In any case, some accept that when it turns to night, certain wheels may behave like a moondial and keep on reading a clock even around evening time! It could possibly be valid. On the off chance that you think, that is insane, things settle the score crazier when you begin noticing all the more intently!

Surprise is in the Konark

We presently realize that the day is separated into 8 sections utilizing 8 significant spokes. These parts are knowns as ‘Prahar’. On the off chance that you get Hindi, you should be acquainted with the word ‘Dopahar/Dupahar’ which implies evening. Which do (2 in Hindi) Prahars(period of time) do you believe are essential for the evening? At the point when you notice intently the carvings on the emblem on these spokes. You will see various postures of a lady, and the action portrayed relies upon the time.

You will discover her extending following a decent night’s rest. Doing her hair and taking a gander at the mirror to prepare for the afternoon. Managing the family stuff, dealing with the workers. Preparing for the bed, making out with her accomplice, etc, all relying upon the time! So aside from giving an exact time. The carvings on the wheels offer us an itemized reprieve down individuals’ everyday life during that time.

These carvings on the spokes do contrast from one wheel to another. We don’t realize enough to unravel all the importance. You can likewise see carvings containing foliage, birds, and creatures. A portion of the plants cut on these stones shows up during specific seasons as it were. A portion of the cutting of mating of creatures happens just during certain seasons. So this load of subtleties discloses to us a certain something. They all have a secret significance.

We as a whole realize that the sun’s position and distance from earth cause winter and summer. Consider the possibility that those progressions are pondered the carvings of these wheels too. Consider the possibility that the other 22 secret wheels recount more tales about the seasons, creature conduct. The products of the seasons, the transitory birds, and significantly more, actually like it tells the time so precisely.

The secret of Kona Arka

We as a whole have examined that the Earth pivots on its hub. And spins in a circular circle around the Sun. Sun likewise continues on its own hub. So to make an ideal sundial one needs to get in excess of a couple of things right and needs a cosmic measure of information in Astronomy.

Since we can accurately expect that every day of the year. Sunbeams may be falling on a particular spot at a somewhat unique point. We can likewise accept that it is presumably conceivable to discover and stamp those focuses at a specific spot by understanding the directions of that spot and numerous different things.

Allow us to accept that the old master sorted out every one of those ‘heavenly’ subtleties and consolidated their insight into the neighborhood way of life. Social and the world of politics. Comprehension of vegetation and numerous different things. And reduced it down and blended it in with lovely craftsmanship to make these wonderful compositional components of a temple. So in case, we can interpret it effectively. We can comprehend the seasons, nature, way of life, culture, and even considerations of those old occasions.


The Sun was venerated in the Konark sanctuary, including journeys. It finished with the expulsion of the icon from the sanctuary. The port at Konark shut because of privateer assaults. Konark eminent for Sun love coordinated with its notoriety in business exercises. However, after the Sun Temple stopped drawing in the dedicated, Konark became abandoned. What’s more, it is left to vanish in thick timberlands for quite a long time. The sanctuary was in ruins before its rebuilding. The sanctuary was reestablished dependent to some degree. It got acknowledgment as “the Konark Sun Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site” in 1984. It is the most popular traveler objective in Orissa. Viewed as the best illustration of Orissa craftsmanship by pundits, its fine meshes and scrollwork. Just as the wonderful and normal cut of the creature and human figures. Give it predominance over different sanctuaries. You can visit the sanctuary and experience some excellent minutes here.

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