How to Fix Headphones not Showing up in Windows 10

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Music is something that has become a part of our everyday lives. With thousands of artists and millions of songs made over decades, listeners have no problem when it comes to options that they have while listening to music. There are innumerable options to choose from and grove to. This experience is enhanced multiple times when users listen to soulful music in their headphones. This can be experienced anywhere and especially, our generation is listening to music anywhere they can.

We listen to it while working out, doing nothing, while traveling, but the best experience is to listen to it on our laptops or computers. This could be while working, studying, or simply doing nothing, but the music sounds and makes us feel terrific. However, it is the worst when your headphones not showing up on windows 10.

It ruins the entire experience of watching a film or a TV show online. It even ruins listening to music in your leisure time. If you have faced the same problem of your headphones being disconnected with windows 10 then read the entire article and know the reasons and solutions to this.

Why do Headphones Stop Working in Windows 10?

There are numerous reasons why headphones do not show up in playback devices and before telling you how to solve it, we will dive into why that happens. 

  • There are jacks through which certain headphones might utilize to connect to windows 10, when they are weakly connected this problem might occur. This is one of the major reasons why headphones might not connect to windows 10.
  •  If you are using a wireless headset, which needs to be connected from your system. If these headsets are not connected and are facing some issues in connectivity, then this can cause a severe problem. This is another major reason why headphones might not work in Windows 10. 
  • Your headphones might not be enabled to work with Windows 10. This is a problem that occurs with people without them even realising it. Some do it by mistake and forget to enable it again, in that case, your headphones might not work in any windows operating system, let alone Windows 10. 

These are the top reasons why your headphones might stop working in Windows 10. So, now you know the major reasons why this happens and to solve any problem you need to understand the root cause of the problem, now that you have a starting point you may have a better time solving this problem.

How to solve this problem of Windows 10 disconnecting with headphones?

Now, you know why your headphone gets disconnected from Windows 10. Let’s dive into how you can solve this issue. There is no one way to connect your headphones, there are various ways by which this can be solved. 

  • Shut your windows 10 computer down and start it again, this will most probably solve your ambiguous issues. Whenever problems occur and do not know what it is, this most definitely works. Try it and ensure to solve this problem of headphones not connecting to Windows 10. 
  • What you can do when you by mistake have disabled the headphones settings in playback devices is to switch it on immediately. This can be done by going into settings and enabling your settings, this will solve this issue of yours. 
  • Update your audio driver immediately. This is a very common problem that results in the disconnection of headphones in Windows 10. By no means you can take full advantage or even use your headphones if it is not updated in Windows 10. So, make sure you update your audio driver in Windows 10. Audio drivers can easily be updated manually and automatically, by going into the settings. 
  • If your audio driver is outdated and you still cannot update it. Then we would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the audio driver. Like we suggested in the previous section, reinstallation is a great way to solve ambiguous issues occurring in your headphones. This can easily be done through the PC’s manufacturing website, so go instantly and get it reinstalled.
  • A stereo mix is an option that records all the sounds that come out of your Windows 10. In some cases, it is advised to enable this option of Stereo mix to make sure that your Headphones work in Windows 10. 

These are all the options that you have to work with and there are many more that did not find a place in this article. You can look for them and make sure that your headphones start working with Windows 10. You also know why this problem could occur and that will give you a better understanding of how to solve this problem, Headphones not working in Windows 10, we hope that this article will solve this problem of yours.

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