How to Fix “You are Not Eligible to Create a Username on Facebook” Error?


Facebook is a social media platform which is used by a large number of users as this is a platform which the users to share posts and other contents and other things and one such feature of Facebook is that users can also create a page on Facebook. Many users have created such pages but there are many people who are dealing with the problems of this page is not eligible to have a username for Facebook but you do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to solve this problem and provide solutions for the same. 

Facebook page username 

Facebook page username is like the identity of the page by which other people can look for the page by searching via the username of the page. It makes it easy for the users to look for the simply by putting the name in the username.

A Facebook @username allows other Facebook users to simply tag your Page. It also offers the Page a lovely URL address that doesn’t have a bunch of numbers at the end.

However, we’ve discovered that updating a Facebook Business Page @username can be a bit of a pain.

“You are Not Eligible to Create a Username on Facebook” is a common mistake. If you’ve received this message, don’t worry — there’s a solution!

Why Does Facebook Say I am Not Eligible to Create a Username?

There are many reasons you’re facing the issues of not being suitable to register an account with a username for your Facebook page.

  1. The username you’re seeking has already been use by another member.
  2. The username you are using is small or long. It should be at minimum five characters long, and up to five characters.
  3. It must include alphanumeric characters.
  4. If you are require for a user name on your page on Facebook, the account must be at least 25 likes on the page.
  5. To create usernames for the Facebook pages, you have to be an administrator of the page to set up a username.

Reasons You are not Able to Create a Username – 

If you are not eligible to create a username on Facebook then there might be some reasons behind the same. 

  1. If you are willing to create a username for your page then you must have at least twenty five likes on the page so that you will be eligible for the same. 
  2. Now another thing which the users need to focus on the characters which needs to be a alphanumeric characters. 
  3. If your username is too long or too short then also you cannot create the username of the page you want to. 
  4. It could be possible that the username you want to set is already use by someone else and hence it is not available for the users. 
  5. Another thing is that you need to be the admin of the page then only you can change Facebook page username so that you can make a new one for your page. 

If you are not able to change the username for the page then you need to go the settings of your Facebook page so that from there you can move to the option of page roles. As soon as you select page roles you need to set an account you trust as the admin of the page so that he or she can set a username for your page and then you can remove that person as admin later on and enjoy the services of Facebook page which you are using. 

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