Colonialism and Culture: Hispanic Modernisms and the Social Imaginary

Colonialism and Culture: Hispanic Modernisms and the Social Imaginary

I read a great book in seven days with a lot of attention. The author of this book is Mrs. Iris M. Zola, a Puerto Rican author, literary theoretical researcher, and critic. The title of the book is “Colonialism and Culture: Hispanic Modernisms and the Social Imaginary”. This book presents a unique view and perspective of colonialism and creates a new intellectual discourse and narrative in a more modern colonial perspective. Iris Dhula argues that Spanish modernity is an independent story of self-representation. He has seen Cuba’s struggle against Spanish and American colonialism from a new perspective and context.

Spanish Modernism

Iris M. Zola sought to evoke collective narrative creativity by rejecting colonial cultural patterns and discourses among modern Spanish intellectuals. Spanish modernism was a crusade against anti-colonialism for cosmopolitanism. The work of Jose Mart, Rob N. Darrow, Valle Enclave, Anamono, and Julie N. Dale Castle progressed and implemented foreign political and cultural methods. This led to the discovery of Spanish modernity, which led to cultural achievements. (Hispanic modernisms)

Iris M. Zavala (December 27, 1936 – April 10, 2020) was a Puerto Rican writer, scholar, and poet who later settled in Barcelona, ​​Spain. He authored more than 50 books. , As well as hundreds of articles, essays, and conferences, and many of his writings, not including “Nocturna, mas no funesta,” in which he expresses his views.

Zavala was born on December 27, 1936, in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She received his BA from the University of Puerto Rico. In literature and a degree in “Licenciatura” as well as a “Doctor of Philosophy of Letters” (Ph.D.) from the University of Salamanca. She died in Madrid at the age of 83 from COVID-19 epidemic in Spain.

(This article is written by a Pakistani author Dr. Sohail Ahmad in the Urdu language. It is then translated to the English language for website. )

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