Reading the Absurd by Joanna Gavins | A Review

Reading the Absurd by Joanna Gavins

This book “Reading the Absurd” written by Joanna Gavins was published by Edinburgh Press in 2013.

At the intellectual, artistic, and literary level, the question has always been, what is non-existentialism? And what are the characteristics of its key texts? How to analyze it? Why is this system of thinking answered in a vain and humiliating and dry manner? Eventually, the reader gets frustrated by the subject. He studies and compares stylistic theories and methods as a basic analytical framework, examining the volatility of language. In English literature, selected key works and their vocabulary have been thoroughly examined in order to bring out the important aspects of the variety. In its analytical style, stylistic assessment is combined with a scholarly perspective on language, literature, and reading, which sheds new light on the human experience by reading literature.

While discovering literary nonsense (Absurdity) as linguistic and empirical phenomena, whereas at the same time, consider the necessary historical and cultural situation, Joanna Gavins introduces a new perspective on the infinite aesthetic system. That perspective is modern, unique and, interesting in itself.

Absurd fiction challenges traditional wisdom and privileges readers. And this genre-style work focuses on the broader attributes of the literary text and the philosophical and thematic concerns of many intellectual thinkers. But literary criticism has failed to agree on stylistic, general, and secular measures.


This volume takes an alternative approach: its main purpose is to provide a harmonious, linguistically rigorous test of the book’s features that highlight the ambiguity in the literature. While reading this book, I realized that human existence is non-existent and the term non-existence is contrary to the principles of logic. And the spread of its acquisition is limited. And apart from art, it is radically different from theological or monotheistic thought. It has the silent aesthetics of contradiction that only an astute reader can feel. And in order to understand the contradictions of life in non-existence, the experience of the individual is necessary which man is seeing with his own eyes. But non-existence is devoid of any definite definition.

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