Haruki Murakami, In Tunnels of Consciousness

Haruki Murakami kafka

The selection process was very difficult, on the one hand, Orhan Pamuk’s novel ‘Snow’ was captivating. But, on the other hand, Marquez’s ‘A News of Kidney Ping’ was ready to cool the eyes but the draw was Haruki Murakami’s novel ‘Kafka’ The name ‘On the Shore’ was due to the fact that Pamuk and Marquez’s acquaintance with fiction had passed from love to devotion and then to intentional stages. But the taste of Murakami had so far deprived me of a limited study taste. So this curiosity Picked up a huge novel of six pages that I also see! After all, what is the style, form, and technique of fiction that puts Haruki Murakami in the running for the Nobel Prize every year? However, the number of languages ​​in which Murakami’s translation without the Nobel Prize is not the same as that of most Nobel Prize-winning writers.

Haruki Murakami had no disappointment. The chapters of the novel had the effect of magic spells, Harbab kept pushing me towards the next chapter as if someone hypnotizes, the novel is over. But the wandering of ideas in the imaginary world that is Murakami’s creation, is still going on.

About Kafka

In Kafka on the Noise, two chapters proceed in parallel. There is a story of a 15-year-old boy who runs away from his father’s house in search of his mother and sister on his 15th birthday. The boy changes his name to ‘Kafka Tamura’ to escape the police. Name not given. Kafka’s father, Koichi Tamura, is a famous sculptor. We are told that Kafka’s mother disappeared with his sister when he was four years old. Kafka has no picture of his mother and sister, no address, no identity, only a vague memory.

The second story revolves around a 60-year-old man. The nobility and simplicity of the old Nakata are such that even Allah Mian’s cow can stop shaking its head in shame in front of him. The old man can talk to the cats without any hesitation, so the lost pet cat gives some money and food to Nakata. Sharif finds the missing cat by talking to cats all over the old neighborhood and often succeeds in his campaign.

The reason Kafka ran away from Tamura’s house was due to a prophecy of his father. According to it he would have sex with his mother and sister and kill his father. Kafka’s Odyssey, which begins on his birthday, pushes him beyond the boundaries of reality and dreams. There also comes a time when Kafka begins to fall in love with the 15-year-old ghost of the woman he wants to be his mother and decorate Shabestan.

Nakata’s Mid-Sheep

In search of a cat, Nakata’s mid-sheep becomes a strange and mysterious character who makes flutes out of the souls of cats. Forced with circumstances, Nakata kills the evil character. Nakata leaves the city to solve some unknown problems. As he wanders from town to town, he discovers that he can no longer communicate with cats, but is nature-endowed with other qualities. He can rain fish from the sky, predict storms and winds, talk to rocks. Horses can sleep between 36 and 40 hours.

Old Nakata was not always so stupid. As a child, he had a mysterious accident with other school children. After being unconscious for several weeks, when he regained consciousness. He could not even remember his name. The kind of techniques that Murakami has successfully used to narrate the mysterious event fascinate, delight and amaze the reader at the same time.

Eroticism in the Novel

Haruki Murakami’s pen is as intriguing as it is sexually explicit. I have read Manto, Marquez, and Kandira, Hargal Ra Rang Wa Boye, etc., but with the beautiful narrative that these places appear in Moraki’s novel, the reader is in a state of ah and wah. Friends with strong faith and poor health should spend only reading Orya Maqbool Jan’s column.

The study of Kafka on the Noise is an unbridled wandering in the tunnels of consciousness, which leads to a more mysterious wandering. The novel is a complete mystery. According to Haruki Murakami himself, various readings can show up the understanding of the novel.

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