7 Unique Gift Ideas That Do not Cost Money


It has been rightly said that the value of gifts cannot be evaluated by money. Some of the gifts are truly precious and you understand their worth when they bring smiles to your loved one’s faces. Here we have come up with a few such unique gift ideas that do not cost you money but they are just adorable and they are sure to leave your dear ones smiling. When you receive rakhi with chocolate online from your sister, give her one of these wonderful gifts.

Awesome Gift Ideas That Do not Cost Money

These gifts can be given to your sweethearts also on the eve of upcoming Valentine’s Day:

Make a Video of your Memorable Moments Together

You must have a lot of special moments together. These memorable moments can be a trip or a part or other festivities spent together. Surprise your sister or beloved or any other special person in your life by making a video of these moments. This can prove to be an amazing gift which will not cost you a penny. In a matter of an hour or two, you can come up with a good video with apt background music.

Do Babysitting for Your Sister or Wife

Do you want to please your married sister or your wife? How about the idea of babysitting for her! Let her shop or watch movies or do anything she likes and you take care of the baby till that time. Let her spend a day or at least a couple of hours the way she likes and she would really thank you for this from the bottom of her heart for this gift which would cost you nothing.

Do the Cooking Part

Whether you are a husband, a brother or a son or daughter, pleasing a married woman can be as easy as taking the onus of cooking for a day. So, if you want to please her, cook her favorite dishes for a day, offer her a cup of tea made by your hands and you will see her smiling. If you receive rakhi with chocolate online from your married sister, just visit her and cook something special for a day.

Watch a His/ her Special together

Sometimes moments of togetherness can be the best gift that you can offer her. So, one of the biggest gifts that you can give her/him is spending time together by watching a movie or going out for a picnic or having a lot of fun together. You can consider spending a quality time together if you want to present something unique to her/him.

Transfer Old CDs to Itunes

It’s not too long back that people used to watch songs together on CDs. So, no wonder if you see CDs piled up somewhere. To please your dear ones, you can take these CDs out of the dust and spend an afternoon or a couple of hours transferring them to Itunes. This can be a lovable gift for your dear ones which would not cost you a penny and they can listen to their favorite songs on their smartPhones.

Organize a Cluttered Space or Do the Cleaning Part

There may be something or the other that the special one in your life wants to do but cannot due to lack of time. You can make it happen! Give wings to your imagination and think what that thing is! You can just do simple things, like cleaning and organizing a cluttered place.

Do Hand-knitting

If you know hand-knitting, you do not have to think twice. Presenting a hand-made sweater or even socks, cap, scarf or anything can please your dear one and you do not have to spend any money on that. Make use of the wool that you have at home and come up with something great!

It is true that presenting a unique gift to someone you love makes you feel happy. But, if you are tight on budget or do not have any money with you, there are plenty of unique gifts that you can present to your loved ones. Your gift can be as lovable as spending time together to prepare mementos of your old memories together or recording a song in your voice etc. Be creative and think what other unique gift you can give when you receive rakhi with chocolate online from your sister.

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