Celebrating Rakhi in Bollywood style

We will soon be heading towards the festival of Rakhi wherein the market would be flooded with fancy rakhi designs loaded with creativity and innovation. Besides watching the rush of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts in the market, we will also be witnessing the saga of famous Bollywood songs celebrating the bond of love between brother and sister. Right from our childhood, we have been watching Bollywood movies and we have also been influenced by them. It is owing to the charm of Bollywood that we turn towards molding our life into Bollywood style. We dream of a life as we see in movies with the violin being played in the background and Angels singing and dancing around us in moments of happiness. No doubt it will surely be fun to create a day that is full of elements inspired by Bollywood and now that we will be celebrating Raksha Bandhan soon, why not celebrate a Bollywood style Rakhi instead of the regular celebrations of Raksha Bandhan that we have each year. You can buy rakhi online, you can get your gifts assorted on an online web portal and send them to your dear ones but all of this would be even more delightful if you decide to be a little more creative and seek inspiration from Bollywood movies to have a dramatic and the delightful Raksha Bandhan celebration at your place. 

Given below are a few tips that will help you grace your celebration of Raksha Bandhan in Bollywood style

The very first thing could be to dress up well as per the occasion! You can get your best outfit out of your closet and get a new hairstyle as well on the special day and rock an all-new Raksha Bandhan look in a traditional, western or semi-traditional, or Indo-Western attire. 

The next thing would be to have a little Rakhi celebration at your home itself. Usually, Raksha Bandhan is all about tying Rakhi, exchanging sweets and gifts, and just going on with the day in the normal manner but you can plan a little get-together with your family on this day and have fun. 

The most important thing on a celebration or any occasion would be the food being prepared for the people; you can order a delightful cake or a delightful box of sweets on the occasion and prepare some tasty meal for your brother and other family members as well or you can take a day off from the kitchen and go out for lunch or order food delivery at your home itself. 

Although it is a tradition to buy rakhi gifts for the sisters on Raksha Bandhan, you can amaze your family members by purchasing Rakhi gifts online for the entire family. After all, it is such a happy celebration and everyone deserves to be delighted with the sweet and delightful gifts. So you can find a gift for everyone and not just your sister or you can buy 2 Or 3 extra gifts for your sister in order to show her some extra love. 

Bollywood celebrations are all about having a Dhamal over a festival, so why not prepare an amazing dance on Raksha Bandhan for your brother and your family and have fun along with loud music, nice costumes, and lunch. You can also have a theme-based Raksha Bandhan celebration at your home. Thus, making it more delightful for each member of your house and this would surely be a different experience for everyone. 

Now that you have taken out the best attire for yourself; you have prepared a nice dance and purchased a gift for having a celebration at your home! Do not forget to decorate your house so that everything looks picture perfect on a special day and you can look into any Bollywood movie to seek inspiration for the decoration of your house. 

If in case, you become so occupied with your idea of executing a dream-like celebration of Raksha Bandhan at your home by seeing inspiration from your favorite Bollywood movies and Bollywood stars that you forgot to buy rakhi gifts or get Rakhi from the market; you can save your day through same day Rakhi delivery services in your town

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