Why it is Important to Grow Trees?

Grow trees

Importance of Growing Trees?

We must grow trees! Trees are very important for the environment. Life is inconceivable without a tree. It provides us with fresh air to breathe, a strong refuge for birds and animals. They provide us with many medicines, herbs as well as wood. The tree makes paper. They are useful in making clothes. Trees also produce glue and rubber. But we are the enemies of this natural treasure. The rapid deforestation that has been going on for decades is a matter of grave concern and now our survival is at stake.

We have to start the process of planting in the land in a planned manner. Tree planting depends on the geography and the topology of the region. Generally, fast-growing trees like bamboo, etc. should be planted. Many trees are indigenous and help to preserve the natural heritage. The best tree planting season in India and Pakistan is the monsoon season which takes place between June and September. Tree planting is most important to offset the damage caused by deforestation. We are now experiencing the consequences of rapid deforestation.

Planting trees is not only beneficial for the environment but can also reduce the increasingly alarming situation of climate change. Trees are the natural cleanser of the Earth. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This oxygen is essential for every living thing on the planet. The reason they are called natural purifiers is that they carry toxins and provide clean air for us to breathe. Trees are essential to the soil because they prevent erosion. When it rains and the soil does not cut because of the roots of the tree. Their roots bind the soil together, and the roots pull the rain inward. It also helps to plant trees and provide clean drinking water to the land. Another advantage is that when the leaves fall to the ground, they fall into the soil and enrich it.

Why Should We Grow Trees?

It is important to plant trees and maintain the greenery of the soil. Trees provide us with the fruits and vegetables that all living things on earth need. When planting trees, care should be taken to ensure that they are home to birds and many animals. Trees control climate change. Without planting trees, the lands would turn into deserts. They regulate temperature while maintaining coolness and humidity. hayfarmguy.com can guide you well in this regard.

Tree planting is also important for economic reasons. They provide us with wood, timber, and rubber to help build homes, furniture, paper, and marketable products. The tree bears fruit. We also use fruit for juices, jams, and other foods. The trees are both beautiful and functional. (Article: Why it is important to grow trees)

All the world is recognizing the need to plant trees. Governments are working to protect forests. Today, there are many NGOs that work to spread awareness and plant trees. These NGOs strive to spread their message through live performances, conversations, and social media, as well as engaging communities. Schools also emphasize the importance of planting trees and teachers try to make students understand the importance of trees. They tell students about the many benefits and plant trees on the school campus. Many people plant trees on World Environment Day. In India, Tree Planting Day is called Van Mahotso, which is celebrated in the first week of July every year. (Written by : Zufeshan Iqbal)

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