Who Called Chaucer the Father of English Poetry?

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Pretty much everybody considered him that. Chaucer was the principal mainstream writer to compose his work in English, the local language of individuals (The Church – Latin, the Court – French). He likewise broke practice and expounded on ordinary citizens as opposed to strict subjects or honorability (indeed, ridiculed both). What’s more, my top choice, he was one of the main writers to give ladies a voice (Wife of Bath). Track down an all-around deciphered rendition of Canterbury Tales, I learned Old English to peruse the work and was amazed how truly grimy and attractive it was – beside the Knight’s Tale (in view of the Crusades).

Public Opinion (Father of English Poetry)

Presumably, any individual who has examined his works. He was the principal significant writer of Middle (instead of Old) English and set norms for narrating and versification that has only here and there been met. And, he made characters with profundity and intricacy. He realized how to set a scene with only a couple of words. And, he could recount a romping decent story — the “Mill operator’s Tale” is essentially a lengthy filthy joke.

What’s more, his writings assist with fixing the English language in its current structure. His works are as yet decipherable today (with a little assistance from a glossary) and, to be sure, ought to be in pursuance.

Thoughts of John Dryden

John Dryden, in the Preface to the Fables: Ancient and Modern, states

“It remains that I say somewhat of Chaucer in particular. In the first place, as he is the father of English poetry, so I hold him in the same degree of veneration as the Grecians held Homer or the Romans Virgil.”

Opinion of Chaucer’s Wife

A few groups additionally say that generally, his better half thought of him as the father of English Poetry. Since Chaucer loved it when she did that. Like, he truly loved it, if you catch my drift. Yet, in the end, she became weary of considering him that. Then, at that point, he got writer’s square for some time. In any case, they worked it out in the end.*

Gracious! Additionally, John Dryden. Britain’s first poet laureate. However, that was later.

*Relax, this was just the “parody answer.” Carry on.

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