Violence in Our Society

Violence in society

Once our society used to be peaceful and full of love and cooperation but now it presents an altogether different picture. The missing sense of home and homeliness has engulfed the whole nation. Governments, institutions, and human organizations seem to be helpless to ensure peace within and peace without. Frustration, desperation, and apathy are clouds that always hover over the nations. Sense of insecurity is an eternal fever that keeps everyone disturbed whether he is rich or poor. To overcome anxiety, man is entangled in the whirlpool of competition to be protected against all threats. Street quarrels, the use of abusive language on roads, disrespect of fellow citizens at public places are the signs which show that all is not well. Good humor is absolutely absent. Everyone seems to be exploding. Consequently, we find violence everywhere.

Different Segments Have Problems

People of different segments have problems of different nature. Young children complain that their parents do not devote proper time to them and they’re going to various places of entertainment are quite infrequent. They get frustrated and became violent. Similarly, boys and girls have enormous educational and social pressures. Every increasing competition keeps them restless. If unfortunately, they fail to get their aims, they become disappointed and turn violent.

Grown-up people, both young and old are leading extremely busy life to earn mere subsistence these days. They have to sustain enormous pressure at the places of their work, in-market, on roads, and even at homes. The maddening effects of these pressures are writ on their faces. Everyone around seems to be battling. This is damaging their physical and mental health. At times they become so violent that the results are unbearable. Quarrels over slight issues have become a matter of routine in our society.

Minor Expressions Of Violence

All these are minor expressions of violence in our society. In the same society, we now find organized acts of violence. Planned murders and robberies speak of the poor law and order situation in our society. Nobody feels secure. Life and property are at risk all the time. Gunpoint robbery is the order of the day. Most of the people involved in concern that our youth is going to the valleys of atrocities.

Sociologists suggest that people often adopt aggressive behavior by observing and following role models. TV, movies, and video games throw a flood of programs showing violence and aggression. The use of inferior language is becoming common. The teenagers who view such aggressive movies, TV shows and play violent video games are more likely to show such behavior in real life. The violence factor in the entertainment world has adversely affected our youth. This is the age of the media. But unfortunately, the programs presented on it are sensational and violent. The present-day entertainment provides a contrast to the entertainment of the past that used to be peaceful and thought-provoking.

The Young People Of The Present Time

The young people of the present time are justified in thinking of the world as mean and dangerous because this type of world is shown to them in the media. Consequently, they imitate such violent acts to fit the scene well. The media also shows aggressive people’s success. Hence, violent and aggressive heroes have become our youth’s ideals. There is now a change in the whole style of thinking. Death for them is not tragedy or grief at all. It simply looks like disappearing from the TV or monitor screen. This is why they fearlessly kill other people or die themselves in the process. Unfortunately, they completely forget that real life never lives a second chance to live.

Numerous Movies That Have Presented

There are numerous movies that have presented bloodshed in a manner that arouses pleasure and entertains the audience. For example Game of thrones and different other shows on Netflix. In such movies, violence looks pleasing, graceful, and dazzling. In video games, in particular, the player commits acts of violence with a sense of joy. When these young people find themselves exposed to this much amount of violence in world entertainment, they get accustomed to it. They take it as a part of normal life. They do not give due value to life. If no act of violence happens around them for a long time, they feel that something is missing in their life. They find thrill in such acts and are always found in a mood to ask for trouble.

Whole World Is In The Grip Of Violence In Society

These days the whole world is in the grip of the wave of terrorism. Bomb blasts, target killing, and above all drone attacks have made people apathetic. Various TV channels keep on showing news-reels of suicide bombing or other such criminal acts. This thing also thrills the minds of the youngsters who are already prone to violence. This is why many young men offer themselves as scapegoats for such acts. Newspapers are also full of the news and views on these issues. Such articles or news sections stir the young minds and they start going in the wrong direction. Modern psychologists are conducting researches on these aspects of entertainment and it is likely that some sort of restrictions will be imposed on the media. These restrictions will be justified because when a man does not remain sensitive to brutality, he turns into a beast.

Last but not least, we should make social arrangements to overcome violence in society.

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