The Love Letter Of The Great Musician Mozart To Constanze Mozart

the love letter of the great musician mozart to constanze mozart

September 30, 1790
Frankfurt, Germany

Dearest little Wife of my heart!

If only I had a letter from you, everything would be all right.—I hope you received my letter from Efferding and one from Frankfurt.—I told you in my last letter to talk to Ribisel Face;—I would prefer it, just to be on the safe side, if I could raise 2,000 guldens on the draft by H…—but you’d have to give some other reason, for example, that I have some business deal in mind, but you don’t know exactly what.—Dearest, I have no doubt that I shall get something going here, but it won’t be easy as you and some of our friends think.—It is true, I am known and respected here; but, well—No—let us just see what happens.—In any case, I do prefer to play it safe, that why I would like to conclude this deal with H… because I would get some money into my possession without having to pay any out; all I would have to do then is work, and I shall be only too happy to do that for my little wife.—When you write to me, always address your letter: General delivery.—…

Since I don’t know whether you are in Vienna or Baden at present, I’m addressing this letter to Madame Hofer. I get all excited like a child when I think about being with you again—If people could see into my heart I should almost feel ashamed. Everything is cold to me—ice-cold.
—If you were here with me, maybe I would find the courtesies people are showing me more enjoyable,—but as it is, it’s all so empty—adieu— my dear—
I am Forever

your Mozart who loves you
with his entire soul.
October 17, 1790
Mainz, Germany

PS.—while I was writing the last page, tear after tear fell on the paper.
But I must cheer up—catch—An astonishing number of kisses are flying about—The deuce!—I see a whole crowd of them. Ha! Ha!…I have just caught three—They are delicious—You can still answer this letter, but you must address your reply to Linz, General Delivery—That is the safest course. As I do not yet know for certain whether I shall go to Regensburg, I can’t tell you anything definite. Just write on the cover that the letter is to be kept until called for.
Adieu—Dearest, most beloved little wife—Take care of your health— and don’t think of walking into town. Do write and tell me how you like our new quarters—Adieu. I kiss you millions of times.

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