The cheapest car models to insure

Car inusrance

Looking to pay less for your  auto insurance  ? The solution may lie in choosing your vehicle! Explanations.

Deviations depending on the model

Insurance constitutes around 10% of  the  annual car budget of the French. While this amount of course depends on how well you drive, it also results from the car model you want to insure. Thus, depending on the characteristics of the car, what it consumes, its power, if it is a frequently stolen model or if the parts are expensive to replace, you will find significant differences between the amounts of car insurance.

Influential characteristics

The  environmentally friendly vehicles  often cost 30% less to ensure that rolling models  diesel . Indeed, these cars benefit from government assistance, and insurance also goes in this direction.

It is also better to own a used  vehicle that is  more than 2 years old than a new one . The latter costs almost 41% more than an older car.

Less powerful cars are also less expensive, especially 4 or 5 HP. As they drive less quickly, they cause fewer accidents, which pushes insurance companies to lower their prices.

Little stolen car models are also cheaper to insure, for obvious reasons.

Finally, if you have several vehicles (cars, motorcycles or scooters), insure them with the same insurer, so you will only pay Civil Liability coverage once  .

The cheapest cars to insure

The Argus recently unveiled the cheapest vehicles to insure, in each category:

-citadine: Chevrolet Spark (338 euros)
-personal: Dacia Sandero (400 euros)
-compact: Dacia Logan (434 euros)
-family: Peugeot 508 (550 euros)
-monospace: Citroën C3 Picasso (438 euros)
-ludospace: Dacia Dukker (387 euros)
-SUV: Nissan Juke (445 euros).

You now have all the cards in hand to insure yourself at a lower cost!

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