How Mango Insurance manages to make payments in 45 minutes

“Mango Insurance” pays clients for 45 minutes

Fast means high quality. It is with this motto that Mango breaks records for the speed of insurance payments. In “Mango” two-thirds of insured events receive payments on the day of application. 

More than a thousand rubles per minute

The record for payment for an insured event in Mango is 45 minutes. Katerina from Dmitrov found herself in an unpleasant situation: neighbors from above extinguished the fire, and her apartment was flooded. She immediately contacted the insurance company and received a payment of 50 thousand rubles. How did this happen?

Katerina describes it this way: “After I turned to the operator on the mango site in chat, it took all 40 minutes, registration, filling, and transfer of money.” She left her impressions on otzovik. 

We estimated the total time from application to payment of funds to be longer – 45 minutes. Mango employees also took into account the time of filming the video by Katerina and sending us the video. 

This case is truly unique: in ordinary insurance, the review can take up to several months. At Mango, they try to make the process as fast as possible. We will tell you how Mango manages to achieve such results and what are the advantages of online insurance.

Distance brings you closer to the goal

Having a “remote” service becomes a big advantage for companies. Insurance is no exception – dozens of well-known companies strive to simplify the process for the client and translate it online. The particular popularity of this type of insurance increased in the spring against the backdrop of COVD-19.

Where does online insurance begin?

Let’s compare the process of obtaining insurance in classic insurance and in “Mango”, which uses only remote technologies for this. As an example, we will take the real estate insurance industry.

In ordinary insurance, the execution of the contract looks something like this:

  • the client makes an appointment at the office;
  • you must bring documents for housing and a passport with you, which will be checked;
  • a company agent can come to see the property, and at the same time – immediately take a photo and ask for a list of property;
  • after checking (from an hour to several days), the client pays for the insurance and receives a contract in his hands.

It is much easier to take out insurance at Mango:

  • the client visits the website, where he draws up an agreement in a couple of minutes;
  • upon registration, the policyholder chooses how it is convenient for him to pay – immediately for a year or monthly;
  • confirmation and contract are sent to the mail.

The registration really takes minutes. And what is important – it allows you to take out insurance from anywhere, as long as there is the Internet. 

Fast, simple, a lot

But what if something goes wrong? Here the insurance company must show its best side. Therefore, at Mango, we try to make the process as simple as possible for the client. The process of online communication at Mango is much faster than having to carry certificates and documents to the office of a regular insurance company. Therefore, our motto is “fast, simple and a lot”.

The minimum number of documents for registration of an insured event.

In 90% of cases, communication takes place online in the support chat or through a convenient messenger.

The process of assessing insurance claims is partially automated. Experts and customer service staff don’t waste time.

The main proof is video and photos. 

Documents and confirmations do not need to be taken anywhere. It is enough to send them to the chat. 

A live person always communicates with the client in the chat.

Mango spends money on clients, not on renting beautiful offices and agents all over the country.

Experts evaluate each case carefully.

The automated calculation system helps to assess the damage comprehensively.

24/7 support

To report an insured event at Mango, you need:

  • tell the support employee about the situation;
  • send photos, videos, and those documents that the operator will ask for;
  • wait for information from “Mango”.

How to report an insured event

While the client is waiting, the insurance company manages to check all documents, videos, and photos, assess the damage and consider the insured event. Most often, this procedure takes one working day at Mango. Why?

Features of the work of “Mango Insurance “

  • Interaction with the client is entirely carried out by the online support service. Employees do not need to transfer documents between many departments and they will definitely not get lost. The support forms the application independently. The client only verifies and signs with an SMS code.
  • Minimum of documents. Recording of the fact of occurrence of an insured event and assessment of damage is carried out using photos and videos. Videos are harder to fake and avoid household scams. Sometimes additional documents may be required, for example, a flooding certificate from the management company, but customer service specialists will always help with this process.
  • Technological assessment of damage together with an expert view. The damage is assessed by a technological system that is monitored and verified by our experts. In difficult situations, an independent expert appraiser comes to the site. Such cases are less than 10% of the total.
  • Remote communication. The client does not need to go to an office on the other side of the city. It is enough to be in touch. In an emergency, you can ask customer support to relay information to relatives or call the emergency service.

The money promptly and without expectations

How do you get the money? Funds come to the card, which is indicated in the personal account or to the details.

  • The customer service employee sends the application to the client.
  • The client checks it for correctness.
  • If everything is fine with the application, the money comes to the card.

The main advantage is that 90% of document checks take place online, without unnecessary fuss for the policyholder.

What they come to “Mango ” with

Now Mango has two main products: animal insurance and real estate insurance. The problems that we have tried to take into account are the most frequent ones that our clients may face. 

Real estate insurance 

Protects against:

  • fires and explosions;
  • flooding;
  • voltage drops;
  • burglary, robbery;
  • natural and natural disasters.

Important: the insurance includes repairs and finishing (except for the concrete frame); things in the apartment, civil liability to neighbors.

According to statistics, most often clients come with bays, power surges, and cases of civil liability. 

Pet insurance 

Protects against:

  • injuries;
  • diseases including infections and worms;
  • injuries and diseases from tick bites;
  • Poisoning;

Important: the insurance includes veterinarian consultations, operations, droppers, injections, medications, a hospital for the animal, but we have some exceptions. You can read more about this here.

The most common pet insurance claims are pet diseases and tick bites.


So why does Mango Insurance pay for 45 minutes?

  • Communication with clients throughout the entire process.
  • Remote technologies at work.
  • Availability of an automated system and experts who control the processes.
  • Confirmation of the insured event, mainly with the help of photos and videos.
  • The ability to send documents online.

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