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health insurance

More and more people are taking out private health insurance in order to be able to enjoy all the services it offers: avoid long waiting lists, be able to access a wide medical list, have access to the best specialists without having to go through the family doctor first, have national and international coverage, now very useful in vacation periods, be able to choose the medical center, in case of hospitalization, and a long etcetera. Next, we tell you how to find the best health insurance.

It is true that in Spain there are many insurance companies such as DKV, Sanitas, Adeslas, AXA, Fiat, Mapfre, Asia, Asefa, among others, and each of them offers a variety of services subject to age, gender, and the insured persons in the insurance policy, in addition to the needs of the insured.

Do you know which is the best health insurance?

If you are interested in taking out health insurance, we recommend that you always choose a solid insurance company so that both your health and that of your family are in the best hands. Also, to choose the best health insurance, it is very important that you analyze your needs and those of your family. For this reason, it is very important that you analyze a series of factors that are decisive when pricing health insurance and its coverage. Among the most important we can find the age of the insured and their state of health.

At we always recommend hiring comprehensive health insurance with all the guarantees covered, at an excellent price and without copayments (you will pay a single premium that will allow you to go to the doctor as many times as you want without additional payments per visit, tests, etc.).

What health insurance to choose?

Choosing health insurance is not an easy task. Before hiring an insurance policy, apart from consulting which are the best insurance companies, it is important to analyze the medical chart of each one of them (doctors and hospitals), the coverage and guarantees of medical insurance, international coverage, the existence or not of copayments, etc.

Variables to consider before hiring the best health insurance

Doctors and hospitals in the medical chart

It is important to know the set of doctors, specialists, and hospital centers that are part of the company’s medical staff, verifying that the medical staff in your province is broad enough and includes the most prestigious doctors and hospitals in the area. In addition, it is interesting that it includes the doctors you usually visit, such as the gynecologist or pediatrician. The medical chart must be wide, of quality and varied, that is, it must have prestigious doctors in all specialties: doctors and specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, doctors and specialists in pediatrics, doctors, and specialists in general medicine, etc.

Health insurance guarantees and coverage

The insurance policy must include the maximum of health care coverage and without limitations. It is important to check that the medical insurance includes visits to doctors and specialists, diagnostic tests, and surgical interventions without limits. There are companies that, for example, place limits on visits to doctors, which can generate uneasiness.

International emergency coverage

It is an added advantage that the health insurance includes urgent assistance abroad and, thus, not having to take out additional travel assistance insurance.


It must have a good value for money, that is, health insurance that offers the maximum coverage at the best price. It is also important to check if there are copays or not, that is, if you must pay an additional monetary amount each time you visit or undergo surgery. For maximum peace of mind, health insurance without copayments is recommended. And finally, if there is the possibility of splitting the payment on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

Finally, we recommend that, before contracting health insurance, it is very important to enter your data in a health insurance comparator such as, the leading portal in Spain in health insurance sales, so that one of the specialized insurance advisors Doctors can solve all the doubts you have and, thus, choose the health insurance that best suits your needs.

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