Lack of Discipline

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Discipline is a way of life to be led according to certain rules. It implies a constant training of individuals to above by certain order. Order helps communities to come out of the confusion of disorderliness. Nature believes in discipline and order. The planetary, botanical, sea worlds are subject to discipline and order. All behave and move according to a set order. The Creator of all the creations has laid down the order under which they all perfectly behave.

Discipline in Life

Man is also advised to seek a state of balance in order to be blessed with harmony in life. Discipline is thus very much needed in every field of life. Communities that plan their activities according to an order, reap rich fruits in the world. They are able to establish their superiority in the world and extol a march over the undisciplined ones. Hence, they prove that discipline is the key to success in man’s life.

Quaid-e-Azam, the Father of the Nation, gave the motto to All India Muslim League running in terms of unity, faith, and discipline. It is rather unfortunate that after the establishment of Pakistan, discipline has been torn to pieces. That has landed the country in a state of a sticky situation. It is an irony of the highest order that the nation which was the result of discipline, unity, and faith, fell prey to indiscipline and disunity with the passage of time.

Many factors account for the sickening phenomenon. The leadership which came at the spirit of national integration is found lacking. The present condition of the underdeveloped countries can be compared to a floating ship without anchor.

Indiscipline has ever given birth to political instability in such countries. It paved the way for the emergence of military rule, which has played great havoc with the institutions of the countries. Had the so-called rulers rule the countries according to rules, the democracy would not have been derailed. Lack of discipline has pushed Pakistan into a violent circle. The violent circle can be broken by the disciplined strategy. Efforts must be made to build and strengthen institutions to save the country from further deterioration.

Financial Discipline

Lack of financial discipline has put Pakistan in complete danger. The growth rate from 06 percent has recently declined to 3.5 percent per annum. It is a clear indication of slowing down economic activities, resulting in unemployment and other economic vices. The recurring expenditure continues to rise, and there appear no signs of its reduction by the ruling government. The world austerity seems to have been thrown out of the national dictionary. Profligacy suits rulers and not austerity.

Financial discipline is necessary to put the finances of the country in order. A country with shattered finances does not have any bargaining power at the negotiating tables. The best way to save sovereignty from erosion is to put finances in good shape. Lack of discipline hastens the fall of nations. It is not less than utter disaster. Undisciplined nations earn dishonor in every field of life.

Last but not least, discip line is the heart and soul of a country’s progress. It unifies individuals, races, and nations. Discip line harmonizes the functions of the institution.  

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