How to Setup AT&T Email On iPhone?

Email is one of the important tools for all professionals these days because you need to communicate with your family and friends. There are many email service providers available in this world but there is nothing better than AT&T email. They are one of the top email service providers in the world according to the no of users.

Everyone likes to streamline their email experience by adding it to their Outlook or any other email client software. But, people with mobile devices need to configure the email on the default app present on their devices. Most of us have an iPhone these days, so it is logical to configure the AT&T email on iPhone.

If you are an iPhone user and want to configure your AT&T email in it, then you’ve found the right page. Today, we will help you with regards to the setup of ATT email on iPhone. We’ve curated a simple guide that will allow you to configure your AT&T email on your mobile device without any hassle.

Let’s get started.

But first, let’s learn more about AT&T and how they operate email services.

How AT&T Email Works?

AT&T has had a deal with Yahoo to operate their email service since 2015. And all the AT&T email accounts were merged with the Yahoo mail account. But, in 2017, they decided to separate all the email accounts from the AT&T side. And now the users are able to log in to their email account with domain name.

Now, let’s have a look at how you can set up ATT email on your iPhone. But first, let’s look at the settings required for the setup.

ATT Email Settings for iPhone

You will be required to enter these email settings on your device.

Here are the settings:

  • Account Type – IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server –
  • Incoming Mail Port – 993
  • Security – SSL
  • Outgoing Mail Server –
  • Outgoing Mail Port – 465
  • Requires Sign-in – Yes

With the help of these settings, you will be able to set up your ATT email pretty easily.

How to Setup ATT Email on iPhone?

The steps to set up ATT email on iPhone are pretty simple, just follow the instructions listed here.

  • First, you need to unlock your device and then click on the Settings app.
  • Now, select the Passwords and Accounts option and then click on Add Account option.
  • Then you need to look for the service provider and select Other from the list because AT&T is not available in the list.
  • Now, you need to select the Add Mail Account option and start providing vital information.
  • On the first page, you need to enter your name, email address, AT&T email password, and a short description.
  • Then, select IMAP and fill in the below-given details under the Incoming Mail Server option.
    • Hostname –
    • Username – AT&T email address
    • Password – Your email password
  • Now, go to the next step of the Outgoing Mail Server option and then enter these details.
    • Hostname –
    • Username – AT&T email address
    • Password – Your email password
  • Now, tap on the Next button and then tap on the Save button.
  • Then, select the Advanced option to enter the ports for the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server.
  • After that tap on the Done button to complete the process and the new account will be added to your Mail app.

Now, you need to restart the Mail app on your device and then you will be able to use your AT&T email account without any hassle.

You shouldn’t face any issues while adding it to your iPhone, however, you may face some issues. So, if your ATT email not working on your iPhone, then you should check the settings. Most of the time email settings are the primary cause of any issues in third-party email clients.

So, go ahead and check that you’ve followed the correct steps as we’ve listed here. Or you may need to delete the account and then reconfigure it using the same steps. So, ensure that you’ve followed the steps correctly in adding the account to your device.


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