How to Move Domain Email to Gmail: A Simple Tutorial

Move Domain Email to Gmail

Being an entrepreneur, you undoubtedly have a domain that hosts your company’s website. Along with your domain name, you also get a domain email ID. However, there are times when you have to manage multiple domain email IDs at once, which is a difficult task. It is best to consolidate all of your domain IDs onto one platform, and Gmail is the safest choice. Therefore, in this technical article, we will describe how to move domain email to Gmail using both a manual process and a specialized Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Software

Gmail is undoubtedly, the best email client because it allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously without any hassle. You might be wondering why you should only use Gmail. So, below is the justification for your query.

Why Prefer Gmail to Transfer Domain Email to Gmail?

Although there are numerous reasons why users should choose Gmail for configuring their numerous domain email accounts, there are some that stand out. Check the list below.

  • Gmail has gained the confidence of 1.8 billion users, so you can easily rely on this email client.
  • Users of Google Mail can easily manage their email accounts because of its user-friendly interface.
  • Users benefit from being able to view all of their domain emails on one screen.
  • Missing an email from any domain is extremely unlikely. Because the emails on the domain ID are formal, you must respond to them right away. 
  • Gmail’s availability for free is by far its most valuable feature.

 These are the advantages of Gmail; you can now move your entire domain’s email there. You can keep your Gmail emails safe and secured by taking the backup of your important emails with the help of Gmail Backup Tool. Now,  we will learn the methods to migrate domain emails to Gmail. Let’s go over each technique in more detail. 

Move Domain Email to Gmail with a Manual Approach

To migrate all of your domain email addresses, follow these simple steps. 

  • Access your Gmail account, and go to the Settings option.
  • On the Settings page, go to the Add an email account option under the Accounts and Import section.
Move Domain Email to Gmail
  • Enter the domain account you want to import. Click Next.
Move Domain Email to Gmail
  • Select the option, Import emails from my other account. Click Next.  
Move Domain Email to Gmail
  • Enter the password, and manage the other requirements accordingly.
Move Domain Email to Gmail
  • Finally, press the Add Account button to move your domain email to Gmail.

Your account is set up in this way, but you must modify the SMTP settings in order to view new messages from the domain account in your account. For this, take the below steps: 

  • Enter your name linked with the email address.
  • Enter the required settings through SMTP servers.
  • Verify the SMTP settings and click the Add Account button.
  • Move to your inbox folder of the domain email account. 
  • Now the email account will send a verification code to your email ID.
  • Paste the code and click the verify button.

In this way, your domain account configures to Google Mail. Additionally, repeat the procedure if you want to add another domain account. Although using this method will allow you to add your domain account to Gmail, there are some limitations. The list of a few is detailed below.

Restrictions of the Manual Method

  • To use this method, you must be technically proficient.
  • You might find difficulty when you have to enter server and POP details.
  • The user must have a third-party app password to add the domain email ID.
  • After following, the manual approach, there is no assurance that your account is configured successfully.

However, the automated IMAP Backup Tool can ease your task of moving domain email to Gmail. Let’s explore more about this new and advanced tool.

Move Domain Email to Gmail with an Advanced and Easy Approach

After realizing the users’ complexity, experts at Sysinfo have taken the initiative to reduce the hassle of users adding their domain email account to Gmail. Therefore, in recent days, Sysinfo has launched the IMAP Backup Tool. It can easily move all the IMAP-based domain accounts to Gmail and the other 4 cloud-based accounts within just a few steps. Let’s check out how you can move multiple domain emails to Gmail in one round.

Note: If you attempted to move multiple domains at once. Create a CSV file containing the domain names, and then proceed as directed below.

Steps to Move Domain Email to Gmail

  • Download and install the IMAP Backup Tool.
  • Add the CSV file if you have multiple domains; otherwise, click on the Add Row button if you wish to enter the domain credentials manually.
  • Select the domain account you want to backup.
  • Now choose the email folder of the domain account you want to backup.
  • From the list of preferences, select the Gmail saving format.
  • Enter your Gmail account credentials and click the Login button.
  • Use the other cutting-edge features of the tool accordingly.
  • At last, click the Convert button, and your selected domain email will start to migrate to Gmail.

That is how you transfer multiple domains at once to Gmail.


We have seen how challenging it is to manage multiple domains in this article. Therefore, users decided to migrate their domain emails to Gmail. In addition to other things, we have seen how complicated the manual method is and how difficult and risky it is to migrate the domain emails using this method. On the contrary, a professional tool is easy to use and allows you to migrate emails from multiple domains to Gmail at once. It also provides users with a number of advanced features that they can use in accordance with their needs.  


Q1. Is it safe to move my domain email to Gmail using Gmail’s in-built features?

A1. Though, as per my suggestion, you can migrate your domain emails to Gmail using the traditional method. If these emails are not worth it for you. The steps it contains are extremely complex, and in certain cases, your data will also be lost. However, users can transfer all of their domain email addresses to Gmail at once without having their data compromised.