How to keep yourself healthy and active in winter?

Winter is here, and while some people hate the harsher weather, it can also be a great time to rest, recover, and practise self-care. It’s vital to take care of oneself mentally and physically throughout the year, but because winter may bring a slew of unpleasant health issues, self-care should be even more of a priority as the weather cools.

It’s easy to fall into a seasonal rut during the winter months. The lack of sunlight and the change in temperature can have a significant impact on our daily lives, impacting everything from our sleeping patterns to our bodies. Partha Banerjee Mumbai suggested some greatest self-care tips for the months when many of us need them the most to help you take care of yourself this winter.

Following are the 5 self-care recommendations to help you get through those chilly mornings and long evenings so you can make the most of winter.

Stay proactive

Make sure you’re doing everything you can to strengthen your immune system and stay healthy before an illness strikes. This entails consuming a variety of antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables, and other meals, as well as taking vitamins or supplements. Because citrus fruits are in season over the winter, there’s no reason not to stock up!

Keep yourself warm

It’s critical to safeguard your body against temperature drops. Colder weather and brisk winds can impair your body’s ability to fight illnesses and infections, so take advantage of the opportunity to do some shopping. Make sure you have these winter staples in your closet:

Knits made of wool
Quality boots are essential.
a plush scarf
Quality base layers (pro tip: don’t wear cotton because it can make you feel colder). Merino wool or moisture-wicking synthetic materials are good options.

Try to get out everyday

Dr Partha Banerjee UAE recommends getting dressed and leaving your house at least once a day throughout the winter, whether it’s for a five-minute walk around your neighbourhood or a quick trip to the grocery store. “Our inner world typically reflects our exterior experience,” he continues, so staying in your jammies all day is more likely to make you feel worse than showering and spending some time outside.

Get more rest

Winter is a great time to relax and recover. Sleep is especially crucial in the winter since it is necessary for a strong immune system. Here are some suggestions to assist you with getting enough rest:

Refrain from sleeping too much. Sleeping too much can really make you feel sluggish. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and sleep for at least 8 hours.

Winter’s shorter days and longer nights can put your body’s sleep cycle off, leaving you tired. Allow some light into your bedroom to aid with melatonin balancing.

In the afternoon and evening, pay attention to what you consume, especially your caffeine and sugar intake, says Partha Banerjee Dubai.

Disconnect from distractions such as Netflix or social media. Instead, read a book or listen to a sleep podcast to help you relax and unwind.

Moisturize your skin

This piece of advice is applicable to both men and women, because grooming oneself in the winter is crucial! As a result, the chilly air naturally pulls moisture from your skin. In the winter, your skin becomes flaky and irritated as a result of this. If you do not moisturise and hydrate your skin, it will split and begin to bleed quickly (like chapped lips). This could also result in an infection.

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