Preparing for a Spa Day

woman in wrapped in white towel lying on bed with eyes closed

Self-care is something most people think about but rarely act on. They need to be more relaxed taking care of their families or catching up on overdue business tasks. The fact is, to maintain good health, daily self-care is necessary. Scheduling a spa day is a great way to provide yourself with the self-care you deserve. The best thing about it is that all you have to do is show up and enjoy the experience.

Let Your Food Settle

Bodywork techniques like massage and body wrap encourage the body to release toxins. If you have any bodywork sessions on the schedule, could you ensure you leave enough time between eating and your appointment? Allowing your food to settle will prevent discomfort when your body starts releasing toxins later. In most cases, it’s best to wait two to three hours between your meal and your appointment.

Take a Quick Shower

Take a quick shower so you will show up at your appointment fresh and relaxed. Don’t shave or wax before a bodywork session. Oils, salts, and lotions can clog your pores and possibly lead to ingrown hairs. Once you have completed your spa day, go home and take a long, relaxing shower or a hot bath. It’s a great way to end your spa day. Enjoy a cup of hot tea to make your day complete.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

When you show up for your spa day, the last thing you want to experience is tight and restrictive clothing. Yoga clothing or sweat pants and tee shirts are loose-fitting. They allow you to move freely and permit you to breathe deeply. Don’t forget that certain oils may stain your clothing. It’s a good idea to have spa wear that you don’t mind having a few oil or lotion stains. You want to be comfortable throughout your day. Whether you choose one spa treatment or four, you don’t want tight clothing to ruin your mood.

Allow Yourself a Chance to Relax

No matter what spa services you choose, they will only do good if you allow yourself to relax and enjoy being pampered. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the experience. You deserve some time to release your stress and the frustration that sometimes causes tension and tightness in your muscles. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the moment. It’s okay to have one day where you can spoil yourself! Please take advantage of it.

Facilities like Sage Spa offer services designed to let you enjoy being pampered. You want to feel good and look your best. Scheduling a few spa services is a great way to accomplish both goals. You deserve to pamper yourself! Enjoy all the benefits a spa day has to offer. You deserve to be treated like royalty!