How to Import vCard Contacts to Outlook? Complete Method

Today, let’s talk about the technique to import vCard Contacts to Outlook Contacts without losing any data. For non-technical and technical users. Move Contacts from VCF file to Outlook account by using simple 2 methods first is Manual Method and the second method is professional solution.

User Query

Hey, I just extract my contacts from Gmail in VCF file format. That I want to import into the Outlook contacts. Other than the exported file. Moreover, then the exported file we will, there are like 1000 plus VCF contacts files. I want to need import all the contacts files to Outlook 2013. Can you please suggest a secured method to Import multiple vCard Contacts to Outlook contacts?

2 Simple Methods to Import vCard Contacts to Outlook Account

Here are the best simple and the best 2 methods for VCF Contacts to Outlook accounts. The first method is the manual method and the second method is the professional solution for non-technical and technical users. So, shall we start our today’s topic…

Manual Method to Adding VCF Contacts to Outlook Contacts

  1. Open the MS Outlook on the user’s operating system.
  2. Then, users have to select the Import/Export option and choose the Import VCF file.
  3. Now, select the vCard file that the users want to convert.
  4. After that, upload the VCF into Outlook and simply it’s done.


  • Users can convert the vCard file into Outlook one-by-one.
  • The process is a time-consuming process for any user.
  • Users need the required technical knowledge to perform all these steps.  

Professional Solution to Import Multiple vCard Contacts to Outlook

SysTools vCard to CSV Converter Software is an all-in-one application for converting files with the vCard extensions to other widely used file types. The wizard has several capabilities, one of which is batch VCF Contacts to Outlook account conversion.

Using the Add File or folder button, the users can add one or more vCard files to the panel. Furthermore, capable of uploading one or more full folders that contain numerous VCF Contacts regardless of the data in the files, follow the procedures below to import multiple vCard Contact to Outlook on a Mac and Windows Operating System.

Step-by-step Process

  1. Download and Run the Application on the user’s local computer.
  2. After that, the user can get a complete preview of vCard and click on the Export button.
  3. Now, select the CSV file option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then, click on the destination button and select the saving location in the software.
  5. Finally, hit the Export button to start the process of importing vCard contacts to Outlook Contacts.

Final Words

Users are now undoubtedly aware that the VCF is a universal format that stores all contacts and is compatible with a wide range of email applications, smartphones, and other devices. In the order for customers to understand how to convert multiple vCard Contacts to Outlook, we have covered both the manual method and the professional solution. Furthermore, feel free to leave a comment below if users need assistance importing contacts.

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