Complete Guide to Migrate Gmail to Fastmail Account with Attachments

Are you looking for a straightforward solution to migrate Gmail to Fastmail account? or want to learn the procedure to accomplish this task with no downtime.

The data transfer process from Gmail to Fastmail can be easily done using Email Migration Tool. The mentioned solution guarantees a secure data migration process till the end.

With the help of this application, users can quickly transfer their data from Gmail to over 100 platforms. You can access this application on all editions of Windows.

So, let’s continue with the solution section without wasting any time.

Export Gmail Mailbox to Fastmail – Using Automated Procedure

To transfer Gmail emails to Fastmail in batch, users can use DataSkorpio Gmail Backup Tool. It is a magical solution that allows accomplishing the migration task in a few mouse clicks.

Also, multiple data filters are available that let you migrate selected or bulk data without any failure. Moreover, there is a separate option to extract Email Ids, Phone Numbers, Contact photos, and Associated emails data.

Let’s check out the five-step working of an automated solution to migrate Gmail to Fastmail account.

How to Transfer Gmail Emails to Fastmail? Let’s find

Go and visit the link mentioned above to download the free software version.

1) Run the software and click on the “Open” button in the first window of the wizard.

2) From the list, click on “Email Account” and “Add your Gmail Credentials.”

3) Next, the software will analyze your account and generates a preview of email files stored in it.

4) The next step is to click on the “Export” button and select “Gmail” from the list.

5) You have to apply the data filters in the last panel and click on the Save button to start the migration process.

Now, the software will automatically migrate Gmail to Fastmail. You can log in to your Fastmail account and access your data for good.

Prime Functionality of Automated Solution

  • Complete Migration of Gmail to Fastmail: The automated solution allows to export Gmail mailbox to Fastmail including all components, such as Inbox, Sent, Trash, etc. In addition, it also supports the conversion of contacts, calendars from the Gmail database to the Fastmail account. The hierarchy and entire mail settings, their connection remains intact.
  • Batch Convert Gmail Emails to Fastmail Account: The application is adept at performing the batch file conversion of the Gmail account. Users can feel free to add multiple Gmail profiles to the software panel without failure.
  • Take Preview of Before saving Gmail emails to Fastmail: Users have the choice to take advantage of an inbuilt feature of the software, which provides a preview of entire Gmail account content. One is free to view exclusive emails and attachments and other components like contacts, HEX value, RAW value, etc.
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface: Gmail to Fastmail Migrator provides a feature to select a single Gmail file or an individual folder comprising multiple Gmail emails for migration. With the help of this outstanding application, end users can experience a smooth procedure to transfer Gmail emails to Fastmail account simultaneously.

To know more about toolkit functionality, you can download the software for free and evaluate its performance as per your needs.

So There You Have It

Those users actively looking for a solution to migrate Gmail to Fastmail account with all attributes find a reliable solution that works according to their exceptions. Also, a demo edition of the software is available. Users can easily download the wizard on Windows OS, and once you are satisfied with the working of the automated solution, you can activate the license key for good.

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