Best business strategy for youngsters

I lost my first job. I came home, upset and sad.

Furthermore, my phone was filled with messages. Everyone was sad to hear about me.

So many thoughts, about moving ahead, were coming in. I was not ready to join another company.

Suddenly, I made up my mind to make my own company. On a piece of paper, I noted my initial plan.

So let’s begin the journey:

1.      Come out of my  comfort zone

It took me a while, to come out of it. I started doing, what I was afraid of. In this case, it was a failure. I worked on myself, and build a mentality, which was able to challenge, any new thing in life.

2.      Self believe

Sooner, I was able to get convinced, that I can do this. I began with self-talk.  I worked on myself, and my routine focused on grooming.

I rehearsed to talk like a boss, with my friends. I worked on my thinking, my approach becomes more rational.

I worked on my confidence, as well. This was one of my priorities.

3.      Risk-Taking

My approach toward, life changed. I tried new ways to do business. I studied my competitors, in the market and always came up with new ways to sell my products.

This gave me inner happiness. It also gave me control and authority, to run my company, as I liked.

4.      Love

I had always dreamt of freedom. This was not there in the previous job. I had limitations. My job was, making me bored.

I was selling, accessories of electronics, I loved it. I was happy and satisfied. With time, I learned more and started to close more deals.

5.      Goal Setting

I was clear on this, from day 1. My idea was to make, my products, more accessible and bring value, to every purchase.

I identified a niche, I make my promotions, based upon, their needs, It worked well, with few modifications. Writing the business plan is very important. It should be done by a professional writer that you can find here.

6.      Hiring my Team

It was in the initial year, that I posted jobs, on my LinkedIn. Lots of people showed interest. It was hard and tough to go through and shortlist.

I took interviews, and I chose freelancer, just to optimize costs. Many people came in. I asked them, about their life goals, and their motivations.

I chose, carefully, and soon, they were ready; we all worked closely, to bring out a well-planned and new strategy.

7.      Books Reading

Many things were new to me and I tried them for the first time. I also didn’t have any prior experience. So I went and spend time in my living room.

I had a collection of good books for starting a business. It provided me, with handy guidelines. Many had taken a bold step like me.

Some shared their failures. It was a valuable lesson for me.

I got the motivation, to never give up. Always, think big. I had decided that I will chase my dreams.

8.      Manage Stress

I took time, to exercise, relax and meditate. It was important, to utilize my energy, and never let any difficult situation, make me worried and anxious.

I didn’t want to lack behind and embrace defeat. Nevertheless, my first few months were crucial, I had a huge loss.

It was difficult to handle, but my team and I, just analyzed, our previous months, and came up with a new strategy.

9.      Network

I had contacted my ex-colleagues, friends, and neighbors. My team also booked trade shows, exhibitions, etc. I exchanged my business card with, new suppliers, and clients and bring about awareness, about my company and its products.

Many companies contacted me for bulk orders. I also gave them my references. It worked, well for some months to come. I also took space in one of the exhibitions on one of the expos.


My eyes were full of tears when my company reached the breakeven. My team and I were celebrating. That’s not all, in another three months; I started to earn profit as well.

We have all been doing hard work for it, for so long. It just paid off well. My team and I celebrated it, and posted photos on the company’s LinkedIn page.

My friends, and ex-colleagues, were clapping for me, when I cut the cake, with my team.

This was a memorable day in my life. My team and I didn’t stop here. We even went further and arranged funds, from different investors. The rest was history.

Now, some more youngsters come and I give them advice, on defining their success. They also praise me for valuable words.

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